Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Moisturizer Review

Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Moisturizer Review

I’ll save you energy and time – I wish I hadn’t bought this. But it’s a review, therefore allow me to elaborate on why I live with the regret. I got this from a supermarket about three to four months ago and used it for about two months quite often. Since there is no SPF in this, I used it at night and sometimes wore it under a sunscreen during the day. Well, it did absolutely nothing to my breakouts.

clean & clear acne clearing moisturizer
clean & clear acne clearing moisturizer

The packaging is good although except for the name of the product everything is in a foreign language! So basically I cannot figure out the ingredients or where and when it is manufactured. I did not notice this when I bought it. This came in a flimsy cardboard cover which had writing in English! Why did I ever buy this? Because I had a whole tube of the acne clearing cleanser for a while AND it said in bold letters that the main ingredient in it was salicylic Acid.  So I thought, oh great same thing in a lotion form. [Yea, real nice]

This is a Johnson & Johnson product so you would expect some worth for your money. But no. This tiny bottle has 50 ml of product in it. The lotion is translucent white in colour and smells very pleasant – quite like the cleanser. The lotion goes on smoothly on the skin and gets absorbed quickly. It is not oily and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

This is what the site claims:

Soften your skin with Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Moisturizer that not only prevents acne but also adds essential moisture! With its light, easily-absorbed formula that contains special acne-fighting ingredients, the Acne Clearing Moisturizer replenishes your skin. Your skin isn’t just clean and clear it’s also smooth and healthy!

Now, it did nothing to my breakouts. I breakout quite often (wish I knew why) and was very disappointed when this didn’t work. I remember when I was using the cleanser, it did help a little bit. However, this is moisturizing yes, but don’t expect it to do anything for your breakouts.

clean and clear acne clearing moisturizer
clean and clear acne clearing moisturizer

I’ve been trying to finish it by putting some on at night. It is moisturizing and I don’t wake up with dry skin even though it is light-weight.

Price: INR 110 (approximately) for 50 ml.

Pros of Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Moisturizer

:yes:  Light-weight moisturizer.
:yes: Keeps skin soft.
:yes: Smells heavenly.
:yes: Portable bottle.

Cons of Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Moisturizer

:no:  Huge let down on the breakout front.
:no: Expensive for a tiny bottle.

Verdict: I won’t repurchase this or recommend it.

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27 thoughts on “Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Moisturizer Review

  1. Clean and Clear Oil-free lotion(Indian one) is my HG moisturizer(oily acne prone skin)… does this have same ingredients.. Too bad it didnt work.. :bunny:

  2. i just bought a bottle of this. didn’t save any money on this dud :-((
    still thanks for the review 🙂
    i liked their ingredients too alchohol 1.5% and salicylic acid 0.5% these are the reasons i got for. i wonder if it has salicylic acid why i never felt the exfoliation. ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)
    i had once used a strong salicylic acid based pharma preparation on the corns in my feet and it worked well. i was hoping this would work too :-/ :-/ :-/
    anyway i have heard vichy’s night cream helps clear acne and contains salicylic acid too…

    1. Yeah, the salicylic acid in their acne cleanser did seem to work but i guess i need a higher concentration! I couldn’t figure out the ingredients in this since they weren’t in English. thanks for the Vichy tip!

  3. The only product works on my troubled skin. I have acne prone oily skin.
    As I stopped using it, my breakouts increased. I can’t afford to skip it now.

  4. your breakouts can be due to some other reason, if its related to hormones, none of these creams are going to help. I also suffered from heavy acne breakouts earlier. Finally I went to a doctor and took medicine and now I don’t have acne problem.

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