Clinique Workshop and 3-step Anti Blemish Solutions Review

Last Month, my sister and I went to the University’s Clinique workshop. I was pretty excited about it, especially since it was said that we’ll be receiving RM200 (US$ 66) worth of door gifts. Here is some of the stuff I got from it. (Not included in image: sample of 3 step Beautiful skin kit trial.)

skin care products

Workshop started after lunch at 2 pm with an introduction, and that’s when a skin expert was introduced. At first she told us about Clinique, and how each product of Clinique is tested on 600 people 12 times before presented to the market and etc. Here I noticed some girls were answering questions to the dot, and receiving free gifts. Point to be noted, always go to workshop the first day so you know if you should come back the second day and answer easy questions from first workshop and get FREE GIFTS WORTH RM200 (US$ 66), not to mention more door gifts. (I should have done that.)

So anyway, the skin expert told us about the importance of washing face once or twice daily. Also some of the skin problems that can arise, for example, a white head is the skin’s way of saying, there is need of cleaning before a blackhead pops out and other info on skin hygiene. After that she demonstrated how a skin cleaned with toner can absorb a moisturiser far better compared to an only cleansed skin. Then she proceeded explain types of moisturiser for different types of skin. For example, people with oily skin should use water based gel moisturisers and people with dry skin should use lotions, which is a lot thicker then gel.

Then a make-up expert stepped up to demonstrate basic make-up. Concealer, foundation, loose powder and blusher was demonstrated on a volunteer. Then eye make-up was demonstrated, and how with only a mascara application a person can look like she is wearing fake eye-lashes. The key is to apply mascara then brush the eyelashes with the top most of your mascara brush. I also learned that I can curl my eyelashes without a curler, by rubbing a finger on my palm vigorously, warming it up for a couple of seconds and pushing eyelashes up with that warmed up finger. Which is much safer and healthier for your eyelashes, with no danger of plucking all your eyelashes with the eyelash curler.

Then we were given a pretty Clinique bag at the door as we left the hall, that had a Clinique long lasting glosswear, Clinique Moisture surge gel, and, RM 100 (or US$33) worth of Clinique personal make-up workshop, that I will cash-in and review hopefully soon with lots of pictures.

long last glosswear

We then made our way to the Clinique booth that sold Clinique products at a low-rate for students only who attended this workshop. I bought a 3-step anti-blemish package, that included an anti-blemish soap, anti-blemish solution clarifying lotion and anti-blemish solution clearing moisturiser, for only, hold your breaths… RM 50 (US$ 16)!!! (not to mention the cute little make-up bag). Me and my sister spend all our cash buying sets, 3-step skin whitening set, 3-step kit for dry skin.

anti blemish solutions

Review for 3-step Clinique anti-blemish set

My initial reaction to the set was that I loved the packaging, and having a full set of skin care, personally recommended to me by the dermatologist in the workshop, so I was positively excited to stick to this regime and see how it works out. I’ve tried many anti-blemish products but I can say that this set is pretty neat. It doesn’t tighten up your skin after using it and you can see clear results of how the 3 product works together beautifully.
clinique anti blemish solutions
Anti-Blemish Solution is made especially to open clogged pores, and clear the skin from any blemishes or potential blemishes. So it’s good for people who have any sort of blemish or who are prone to have them. Also it is good to be used on certain days for those who have blemish during menstrual cycles, before going back to their normal regime.

The Anti-Blemish Solution Soap

I’ve never used a soap cleanser for my face, so this was a new experience. This is usually because a gel, or foam solution is a lot more hygienic, because you pour some on to your palm and the rest of the solution is in the bottle clean and untouched. While a soap you use and put it back, but never the less, I rinse the soap before using, I haven’t seen any problems with it. Rub the soap on one palm, latching up foam is pretty easy, also when the foam touches the skin it’s has a slight soothing feel to it. I tend to get red cheeks after a long day out with make-up, and this soap gives relief for the redness. This is mainly because Clinique products are 100% fragrance free, less chances of irritation more chances of efficient zip zapping. And not many cleansing foams have this effect, but this soap gave that smooth and soft feel to the skin after using.

The Anti-blemish Solution Clarifying Lotion (Toner)

I’ve always been one of those who believe toner doesn’t do much for the skin, but after using this toner I’ve changed my mind, Clinique anti-blemish lotion toner does not only makes the pores smaller, it also cleans the skin to another degree. You would think after using a cleanser your skin is clean, but with this toner the facial cotton gathered dirt, and dead skin cells even after cleansing.

It has a cool icy feel to the skin without refrigerating the product. This product is really good for those who have redness or inflammation, because it is clinically proven to calm the skin, helping with redness, and irritation. Also the clarifying lotion sweeps away excess oil preventing future breakouts, clears the way for the next step which is moisturiser.

The Anti-blemish Solution Clearing Moisturiser

Smells a little weird, not too strong, but it’s 100% free fragrance so the real smell of a moisturiser is noted here. Careful when using, you might spill out a little too much as it is water based moisturiser. Unlike other moisturisers that create a thick layer on your skin, this one is invented to create a breathable barrier, that is healthy but also blocks blemish causing agents. And like the other 2 steps of the solution, this step too helps with redness and irritation, but the reason I love this moisturiser is that its light but it hydrates and reduces peeling and dryness. The moisturiser sinks in fast after the toner, with just light tabs of fingers. After one month I’ve noticed that the redness on my cheek has reduced, this is a keeper. A product to that can be used day or night.

All in all, I am so glad I went to this workshop, the free gifts were awesome but I learned some and I got the anti-blemish kit for a really good price.

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  1. Wah lucky youu :woot: Me sooo J :drool:
    There was a free consultation of clinique here too few days back and they were giving a lip gloss and eye depuffer at the end of it. I wanted to go but had my exams that time 😥 😥 😥

    1. haha. it was during near my exam week too. and i had dark circle and stress break outs. 😛 so the lady kept saying, you need to take better care of your skin. i doooo. its just exam week it doesnt work :toothygrin:

  2. Nice post P.Cyra. :waytogo: I wish Clinique does something like this here. Have heard a lot abt Clinique skin care products though haven’t tried any yet.

    1. well as a student, you have real power. you can get together with a few friends, and plan an event like this, and ask approval from your college or university. its the students who make these programs. try.

  3. hey i tried the free skin consultation too.. N i got those free trial stuff.. But sadly Dint suit me .. I got one pimple.. Coma’s those they said to go again n take the type 2 skin type product.. But i Hv nt got the time to go again..

    Oh btw.. I found tht the revlon aqua Mineral powder tht u reviewed recently is available here. Costs inr 1150

    1. hey pia. nice name btw. i reviewed maybelline btw.

      these skin consultatations are mainly for people to go and buy these people’s products. maybe a real derma doctor would give better advise.

  4. woww… are such lucky!!
    And yes I am in and out Clinique girl. I love all my Clinique products. :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  5. Helos,
    You know what I wanted to get clinique’s blemish kit but couldn’t :reallypissed: gt it. Not in stock :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth:

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