Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil Review

Hello lovely ladies,

Recently, my friend picked up a few Colorbar eye pencils and was gushing about how creamy and pigmented they were. So, I too went to the Colorbar counter and swatched the shades.  I was absolutely amazed by how creamy and smooth these were – ended up picking quite a few. So, let’s find out how they performed.

Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil

Product Details:
Keep it thick or thin depending on the look you want to achieve.  Defines like a pencil and glides like liquid eyeliner, the I-Glide Eye Pencil, with its smooth formulation, gives your eyes rich colour in a single stroke and blends in easily after application. Lasts longer than 8 hours, does not feather or bleed. Waterproof, super long wear, no transfer and smudge-proof.

Rs. 499

The pencil comes packaged in a a silver cardboard box. The pencil and the cardboard both have been color coordinated with their ends reflecting the shade. So, whether you store these pencils in the box or in a stand, it’s easy to pick up the colour you want in a jiffy. The pencil is a normal sharpenable pencil with a silver cap which fits nicely. This does not come with a sharpner or any smudger.

Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil

My Experience with Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil:

Color:  The shade “Blue Topaz” is one of the new shades launched by Colorbar.  It is a jewel-toned bright blue shade. Its bright but not really neon. However, this one will not work for office goers.  It’s pretty much in your face, so unless you are okay with this bright a shade on you, please beware.

Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil

Having said that, even if you want to take the plunge and buy this one, you can make it work for you by applying it over a black liquid liner – this will add depth to the shade and lower the brightness. Alternatively, since there is no shimmer in this, you could apply it to the waterline or lower lash line, while keeping the upper lash line n*ked or classic black. The shade is gorgeous and you must check it out.

Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil

Texture: The texture is amazingly smooth and creamy. It swatches so beautifully on the hand. The same smoothness is evident even when applying on the lid. However, the extreme smoothness has its flip side too. One, the tip breaks easily because it is just so soft. Secondly, the tip becomes blunt very quickly. So, it is difficult to get a very thin line with this one. Also, the constant sharpening means, you will consume the product far more quickly.

Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is great, it deposits colour easily. It glides smoothly, you do not need to put in pressure to make the pigment show up on skin.

Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil

Staying Power:  The pencil stays put for good 8 hours – as claimed by the company. On the waterline, the wear time is definitely lesser – about 3 hours. I noticed the longevity, even with the swatches on my hand – they would just not budge. Since it is waterproof, you will need an oil-based makeup remover to take it off completely.

Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil:

  • A gorgeous bright blue.
  • Impressive staying power.
  • Waterproof.
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • Has intense colour pay off.
  • Did not casue any irritation to my eye.
  • Comes off easily at the end of the day with my cleansing oil.

Cons of Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil:

  • The creaminess of the product makes the tip prone to breakage.
  • Also, not possible to make a thin line application with this.
  • You need to constantly sharpen it, which means you will run through the product quicker.

IMBB Rating:

The shade is definitely pretty – worth checking out. And the price point is also decent. I’m sure you could get it in one of the ongoing sales at an even better price. Do note that the cons, though small, can be irksome from the application point of view. So, can pretty much make or break the product for you.

I am enjoying using them. But I do not see myself re-purchasing this.

Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil
Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil in Electra
Colorbar I- Glide Eye Pencil in Peacock Throne
Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil in Jaded
Colorbar Golden Glam I Glide Eye Pencil


3 thoughts on “Colorbar Blue Topaz I-Glide Eye Pencil Review

  1. Hats off kk…. U carry off these shades so beautifully… I mainly use these pencils for tightlining…. I agree these r so soft and creamy… Love them… Loved this shade on u

    1. Thanks Arpita! I have never tried my hand at tight-lining. Im just so scared that i will end up poking my eye. I need to muster the courage to give it a shot!

  2. Colorbar is winning all my prizes for pencil eyeliners this year. I love this range especially – the colours are so lovely and varied!

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