Colorbar Eye Shadow ‘Mid Night Blue’ Review

Colorbar Eye Shadow ‘Mid Night Blue’
What the Company Says:

colorbar eye
colorbar eye

The Eye Shadow is a pigmented powder that gives the eyes a shine and pearl-like effect. Ultra fine in texture, it is easy to blend while its moisturizing agent keeps your eyelids soft and smooth. This product is long lasting and fade resistant. The Eye Shadow is available in 8 colors including Gorgeous Gold, Copper Crush, Spicy Brown, Really Rose, Expensive Pink, Green Stroke, Aqua Marine and Black Tie.
Again all shades are mentioned but they have not updated anything about Mid Night Blue Eye shadow.

Price- Rs 225 for 3 Gms, I got this at Rs 210 after discount.


This is what you get with 2 swipes.

colorbar eye swatch
colorbar eye swatch

Pros of Colorbar Eye Shadow ‘Mid Night Blue’:
1-This color looks awesome on many people.
2-Would suit everybody for Night Parties.
3-Pigmentation is good.
4-Staying power is 2-3 hours without primer.
5-Looks awesome when used as an eye liner.
6-Blends quite easily.
7-Price is reasonable at Rs 225 for 3 Gms.
8- Comes with a cute mirror for touch ups.
9-I like its packaging.
10-you could do a great smoky eye look with this colour.
11-you can also use this colour to smudge your eye liner.
12- Colorbar eye shadows in general do not crease and last for a very long time without a primer.

rati beauty ad

Cons of Colorbar Eye Shadow ‘Mid Night Blue’:
1-Website has not updated about this shade.
2-It’s not a matte eye shadow has fine shimmers embedded in it. So people who prefer matte eye shadows might not like this.
3- It has a small applicator provided with it which is not useful at all. The applicator is a waste
4-Falls out easily when lids are not primed.

I like this eyes shadow but dislike the fact that website has not mentioned it. In future I would like to try more colours from colorbar.

Rating: 3.75/5

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55 thoughts on “Colorbar Eye Shadow ‘Mid Night Blue’ Review

  1. These kind of shades are universally flattering! The shade reminds me of Bourjois ombre stretch eyeshadow ‘Blue nuit irise’ which also translates to Iridiscent Midnight blue :))

  2. very comprehensive review Taps! and nice abbreviation too! coincidentally, i called u by this name in one of my comments 🙂

      1. okay!! 🙂 ya….its easy dat way! i too have my name’s own abbreviations coz its so big!! 😛

  3. I have a similar shade in an unbranded palette & quite like it. Lets have some looks with this shade on you now. I like ur name “Taps” too 🙂

    1. Thanks Monica, :thanks: is it safe to use unbrande palletes?? I saw two palletes and they cost Rs 210, and they had awesome combinations, I cant explain they had all colours that you can dream of. :woot: So shall I buy that? Please do reply.

      1. I got 2 palettes as gifts in my marriage & I have been using them with no problems for years now. So my experience has been fine!! 🙂

  4. gr8 shade n a gr8 buy tapas :thumbsup: :thumbsup: … u doing Colorbar haul these days.. :spank: :spank: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. Shai buy some pretty shades, I will suggest you Faces I shine quartet as its extremely pigmented with high staying power and it has for colors in one quartet and its cheap you get them at Rs 500, there are reviews too here, check them out!

  5. it is a very pretty shade tapaswini. if i am not wrong it is also in their cool palette na.. or am i just getting confused. ?:) really like colorbar eye shadows. they are good for the price. 🙂

    the con that you mentioned about it not being matte guess may not be the con only., the eyeshadow must be of created with this kind of finish only. no? 🙂

    1. Yesss Rati you are absolutely true, am very naive in make up you see, so mentioned it! Yess its similar to the shade in their cool pallete 😀

    2. Rati I saw two palletes recently written mac, I know thats not Mac, they cost Rs 210 each, It had so beautiful colours and were quite pigmented, each pallete had 6 colours, quantity were more, so wanted to know would it be safe if I buy them?

      1. no dont buy them tapaswini.. I mean you never know what’s going into it that :tremble: they are selling it for so cheap and also taking misusing MAC’s name. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

        1. Yaaa the packaging is almost similar to that of mac, they are also selling eyeliners in different colours using Mac name, thanks for your advice!

  6. just FYI for anyone in Hyderabad (am not sure if its everywhere) but Faces eye kit is 50% off @499 (original 999 bucks). they have 2 kits brilliance and smokey. the Brilliance has a nice blue shade as well

        1. hain… is the sale on all faces cosmetics..???? ?:) ?:) i am gonna lootofyyy everythng then.. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

          1. not on all Nupur..these bigger sets they did. :wilt: I find Faces very reasonable too.

            btw, if anyone is using the Faces Foundation, pls let me know. I was tempted (whats new!!) to buy but I kept it back. They had one for dry skin and one for all skin types.

      1. ya they opend this counter abt a month or so back and 2 weeks ago when i saw this on sale i was tempted but somehow never picked it up and was pretty glad the sale was still on yday. Btw the same discount is for the lip kit as well.

        I have posted the rest of my haul on the ‘6 tips boredom’ waala article 🙂

    1. Yaaa Aarthi, this shade is really good, even their expensive pink is a gorgeous shade, even copper crush am eyeing expensive pink next!

  7. Aye cutie! anodr colorbar product! :tongue: u make me jhelusss cz i dunno wer 2 get colorbar stuffs in mumbai! n aap ek baad ek colorbar hi post krtye ho! :waaa:

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