Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop Review

Skin Tone: Medium Tanned

Hello ladies!

I recently came across some new launches at the Colorbar store and picked up a few of them. One such product is Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop. Now read on to know more about it.

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop Review

Price: INR 550 for 4.2 g
Product Description:
Get creative with color! Tint your lips with a glaze of honeyed lip color that will make you irresistible! This creamy and richly pigmented aqueous solution is paraben, alcohol, phenoxyethanol and fragrance free and effortlessly glides over your lips to give you a silky natural tint whilst its formula, leaves you with a lingering sweet taste ideal for the ‘perfect’ kiss.

My Experience with Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop:

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop Bottle

This lip tint comes in a super cute clear bottle with a black cap that has some ‘kiss’ printed over it. It also comes with a red outer box which contains some information about it. This is a pretty bottle and the red product inside makes it a beautiful, eye-catching packaging.

This bottle is leak-proof and totally safe to carry around. It has a nice wand applicator; its one side is flat while another side is a little curvy in shape. It applies the tint on lips perfectly and defines the lips well. This unique curvy shape is quite easy to use. I love this cute bottle.

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop Open

It’s only available in two shades and I picked the shade Don’t Stop, which is a beautiful orange shade. I love orange lip colors on my complexion and it’s a pretty orange tint for all skin tones. This shade looks quite natural and cute on the lips. But, since it’s a lip tint, it’s not a very pigmented lip product. I have to layer it up to get the deep color on my lips.

Once it settles down it provides a pretty orange tint to the lips, which is not super pigmented. So if you have pigmented lips then it can’t hide the flaws. My upper lip is slightly dark and you can see that it looks a little different there.

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop on White Background

Now, the lip tint has a watery thin consistency that glides effortlessly on the lips. Initially, it feels like water and looks glossy on the lips, but after a couple of minutes, it sets as a beautiful, non-shiny lip stain. It dries out perfectly and leaves a nice matte orange tint on the lips. It feels super comfortable; almost like nothing on the lips and never feels patchy at all.

It blends evenly, but if you have dry patches, then it slightly clings to them. In such cases, doesn’t look even on the lips. So, it’s better to prepare your lips first. Still, it looks very natural and perfect for a day look. It never makes my lips dry, but if you have extremely dry lips, then you might find it a little less hydrating.

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop Wand

It doesn’t transfer or smudge but is not 100% waterproof. It looks faded after a heavy meal and fully goes away with an oily meal. Still, I can see a very light stain left behind. It actually lasts around 4 hours, which I feel is pretty good for a lip tint. A reapplication is needed and the reapplication is quite easy and comfortable as well.

Now, interestingly it has a very sweet taste to it which doesn’t feel bad. It goes into the mouth during the application and I do not feel good about it. It goes into my mouth each time, maybe because of the thin consistency, but I do not think it’s good for health. Apart from this, it doesn’t have any particular smell.

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop Top

Overall, this is a super cute lip tint that provides a fresh and natural color to the lips. There are definitely some days when we don’t want any makeup and on such days tints like this work magically.

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop Applicator

I use it on my cheeks as a blusher and it works so wonderfully on the face too. It gives a natural color to the cheeks. It’s neither a long lasting lip color nor a strong lip stain, still a pretty product to try out. If you don’t have pigmented/dark lips, it will look beautiful.

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop Lip Swatch

Pros of Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop:

• Cute and travel-friendly packaging.
• Affordable.
• Unique curved wand works easily.
• Beautiful orange tint.
• Good for all skin tones.
• Thin consistency glides well.
• Feels comfortable on the lips.
• Sets as a beautiful matte stain.
• Never feels dry or patchy.
• Doesn’t smudge or transfer.
• Lasts around 4 hours nicely.
• Makes lips look super cute.

Cons of Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop:

• Not very pigmented.
• Can’t hide pigmentation.
• Clings slightly to dry patches.
• Fades away after a meal.
• Not a long-lasting lip color.
• Less hydrating for dry lips.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint 02 Don’t Stop?
If you want to try a nice lip tint you can try it but don’t expect strong long-lasting color from it.

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