REVLON Street Wear: Shine Divine Lip Color Review

Looking for bright lip inspiration? You might fall in love with this! When Monday rolls around, my mind starts wondering in 2 directions. What am I going to wear this week, what makeup look am I going to rock, what shoes am I going to wear, etc. etc. etc.. It usually involves trying out a few new products (that of course are within my budget), so this week it was all about the new Street Wear: Shine Divine Lip color. I came across this a few days back; the colour is called Brunt Brown and I just had to share the love of it! Honestly speaking, I got this lipstick mainly on the persuasion of  SA and later discovered that the lipstick itself is pretty good too. It’s very wearable and gives a glossy finish. It is moisturizing and is less drying than matte lipsticks. I have so far been really happy with this lip product and I am hereby sharing it with you all.

Brand highlights: Street wear’ range of cosmetic-were launched under the great brand of Revlon. The brand says:

  • Not tested on animals.
  • Celebrities like Halle Berry, Shania Twain, Susan Sarandon, Julianne Moore and Eva Mendes have all appeared in Revlon Advertising

REVLON STREET Wear: Shine Divine Lip color What Street wear claims about Shine Divine Lip color: A great range of lip color that promises ‘high shine’ in seconds for the woman on the go. lt provides instant moisture to the lips with super longevity. This is all I guess, I neither get much on the packaging nor on their non existing website. Its Price: 395/- each (Indian rupees) How I apply the Shine Divine Lip color: REVLON STREET Wear: Shine Divine Lip color REVLON STREET Wear: Shine Divine Lip color I apply this on completely dry & clean lips. I admit I am very lazy so I do not prefer using lip liners. But I have to admit that lips lipstick looks even better when applied after drawing the outlines with a liner.

Street Wear: Shine Divine Lip color Positive points:

  • This lipstick is great! It is a very bold reddish berry color, with lots of shimmer and shine.
  • It has a built in  brush tip applicator; it’s almost like you’re painting the color on with a lipstick and brush. I totally enjoy using it.
  • The texture is smooth and manageable.
  • It goes on very smoothly, and provides moisture for my chapped lips.
  • It’s not dry or greasy, and it is highly pigmented. The shade is  great for evening wear, although I use it during daytime too.
  • With one coat, you have an intense color that is opaque and pigmented.
  • The application is far less messy and makes touching up less of a chore.
  • The shade I bought is very wearable and it’s one of those  that will suit almost all complexions. It is an easy to wear shade that goes with pretty much everything.
  • It lasts super-long too say about 4 to 5 hours
  • It has a lovely shine to it so you don’t need a separate gloss.

Street Wear: Shine Divine Lip color negative points:

  • No much detail is available on the net. Nor do they have an existing website.
  • Very limited shades are available.
  • Although the lip colour stays on the lips for long, but it loses the shine after 1 or 2 hours.
  • Expensive

Will I repurchase this : This lipstick gives a great finishing and  natural look to lips.  The color however gives a glaring shine, and is very strongly pigmented. I don’t recommend dark, ominous browns, since a plum or pink shade will work better on most people, and sometimes bronze will look awesome, too. But overall this is an awesome lipstick; it does not make my lips dry I quite like the attached brush applicator. Those with too many fine lines on lips might want to try something else because this has a creamy base with lots of concentrated color. About repurchasing, not very sure, because with this price tag I guess I can buy a better brand.

My Rating: :-* :-*:-*:-*

Do you want to choose the perfect shade for your lips? If yes, here are some important tips that I can be normally followed in choosing the perfect lipstick shade:

  • REVLON STREET Wear: Shine Divine Lip colorTest different lipstick shades in any local departmental store.
  • Try to choose a color that match with natural color of your lips and also your skin tone.
  • Lighter shades look good during daytime and darker shades at night time.
  • Deep lipstick shades go well with light eye makeup and light natural shades go best with heavy eye makeup.
  • Try to find a lipstick that looks good on you when you are without makeup.
  • For dark skin tones use plum or wine shade and for light skin tones use caramel or deep pink.
  • Women with large lips should use browns, purple and bronzes. Women with thinner lips one should go for light shades like Pink, Peach, and Apricot etc.
  • Select shiny and darker shades if you are going to attend any party at night.
  • Use lip liner close to your lipstick shade.
  • You can even blend different shades of lipstick to get a new look.

Have you used REVLON Street Wear: Shine Divine Lip Color?

Sale starts at 4, don’t miss it. 🙂 – Rati

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57 thoughts on “REVLON Street Wear: Shine Divine Lip Color Review

  1. radhika thks :-))yes,the packaging is similar to both lakme & maybelline…. n the technique 2 just twist the tube & apply.. i like it.. 😉

  2. hey sush…nice review…the shade really suits u…

    N i was gonna say the same thing….this looks exactly like Lakme aquashine…the price range is also similar

  3. HD @ thx, :-)) exactly next time i’ll go for maybelline..

    Neha @ thk u liked it.. :inlove: u 2 look v pretty. everything will rock on u ,for sure :yes:

  4. Superb colour Sush..This is such a shade that I would personally choose for myself..lovely and it looks very cute on you.

    Pricing is typically Revlon style..neither here nor there.. 😎

  5. I know Poornima. I also get confused with Revlon’s prices. 😛

    Such, the shade suits you very well and you look very pretty. 🙂 Colorbar also has a similar packaging lipsticks. 🙂

  6. hi poo.
    heheh…thanks!i would really love 2 see someone else with dis lip colour on .Why dont u try & send us ur pic… i bet, will suit u 2.. :-))

    1. Sure Sush..

      I’m yet to come across this range in Revlon counters here..atleast in Health n Glow. But I have a similar shade in Maybelline..sorta berry ish shade.

      Will post some swatches and pics soon in ma blog 🙂

  7. Agreed Rati,
    I dont no whats in their mind while pricing d products. no doubt d lip color is good bt why will i pay if their other better brands available in d mkt. Also their is no existing website. :no:

    I tried to search REVLON HOME SITE bt no data there too… what a shock.. :reallyangry:

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