Colorbar Pro Lip Filler Brush Review

Colorbar Pro Lip Filler Brush


INR 450

I have been shopping online for Colorbar brushes these days. This brush was out of stock for a long time but when I saw it is back, I had to get it out of curiosity. The brush is called PRO and they have many basic brushes from this range at “exorbitant” prices.A couple are priced at 1250 as well.I will be reviewing the pro stippling brush and the pro blush brush as well.Take a look at this one which I can say is much better priced compared to the others in the Colorbar pro range.


The first thing I liked is the long long handle.It is as long as a regular wooden pencil.I dont have single lip brush that is this long and honestly I enjoyed using it a lot. The long handle kind of eases the application for me and getting at the lip line is easier too.


Secondly the brush body is a nice steel grey kind of wooden one but it looks sturdy enough. I have not had any discoloration since a week of usage and washing.The width of the bristles is also right, not too slim or wide.
Thirdly it comes with a simple plastic cover but I was hoping for a good brush guard as these are so “pro” and these do not come so cheap either.I also like how they are numbered and they mention the brush use on the body too.


Now coming to the main part, the bristles.My first impression of the bristles was that they look kind of raw. It might be owing to the color or the texture that is not so well held close together kinds.But the bristles are not hard, they feel soft enough.Just the right size.


The shape of the bristles is pointy and they are somewhere between dense and thin.So I like that too.The bristles are pointed so reaching the lip line and corner of the lips is nice, especially for those who did not like the flat lip brush, anyway I love their flat lip brush.
I tried washing the brush several times and also tried to clean it with remover on a tissue. It did not shed nor did it loose any obvious shape.So no complaints there.Overall I think I enjoy the length of the brush a lot. The bristles could be less raw-looking and the price could be better too. Wish they all came with an appropriate brush guard.


IMBB rating:

4.75/5 No obvious flaws in this one.

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5 thoughts on “Colorbar Pro Lip Filler Brush Review

  1. I need a new lip filler brush. Was thinking of getting the Inglot one, would you recomment this or the Inglot lip filler brush?

  2. I can try this…i already have fabulips one but was lukin fr a bit pointy lip brush too… i come *jogging* *jogging*

  3. Thanks for the review Neha…..I got a teeny meeny lip brush from Clinique, but this obviously looks good *woot*

  4. wooooow lovelyyy *woot* *woot* *woot* i wanna get this and apply neat lipsticks like you always doooo *happy dance* *happy dance* getting this pakkaaa … thanks for sharing *hifive* *hifive*

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