Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush Review

Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush


INR 250

The perfect lip color meets its match in this sleek lip brush that’s just flat out fantastic! With a unique square edge applies even the creamiest color without straying and the brush thickness makes it lightning quick and effortlessly easy.

Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush

The precisely flat synthetic bristles allow for accurate and defined application.
Can be used both to line as well as fill lips in.

Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush (2)

Like you know I am obsessed with lip sticks, I was seriously looking for a flat lip brush, I had had enough of the pointy tip lip brushes and those with gentle bristles, I wanted something flat and with bristles that were tough and not so bend-able, so in sincere hope, I brought this one home from Health & Glow and so far I am in love!


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I have to say that the colorbar brushes look super cute with the white handle, it is pretty sturdy but I am not a fan of the pink going on, this one somehow is very small and cute and this was love at first sight.The bristles are tightly packed and the edges are perfect to line the lips too, I really wanted something flat to fill in my lips and this is it! it is not too tiny and big enough like I wanted and makes using the inglot refills a delight!

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Why just refills, I love using lipsticks with a brush too and sometimes I get into serious phases where I fill in the lips, then blot tissue and then dab some loose powder in between applications and then go back with the color 😛 of course this is only on miraculous days when I have spare time :/

lip brush (1)

I love the texture of the brush too, it is soft enough and not at all pokey and I have to say then when you tilt it at an angle, it works fabulous for lining the lips and reaches and outlines the lip perfectly as well fills them well too.You can carry it in the seal-able pouch it comes in and keep it in your bag too!

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I tried washing the brush, have had no problems so far, no shedding and the bristles look the same and this little problem I have is that the brush might drink up a lot of product than you might like, I dont really care, i have ton of lipsticks to finish but just see how you would like that but at all costs, if you dont have lip brush and you have been looking for a flat lip brush since eternity and are fed up of all the vega pointy lip brushes around, this is for you!

lip brush (2)

The best part is that the bristles are tightly packed, works great at an angle to line the lips too and the flat tip is just perfect for me, I have been thinking of trying this to go dab-dab with my gel eye liners, I have seen people use flat tip brushes for liners to reach the base of the lash line and you can actually use it to fill in your brows too 😛 no I am not recommending it, I love it too much as a lip brush.

IMBB Rating:

5/5 Recommended!

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17 thoughts on “Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush Review

  1. I’m also tired of the tiny pointy brushes *nababana* It takes ages to apply lip colour with them.. This looks pretty good.. I was thinking of getting the inglot brush, but when waste money on that when I can get a good one at such an affordable price 🙂
    I’m getting this one *haan ji*

  2. You seem to have had better luck with this than me Neha! I bought this a couple of months back but not too happy with it. I really thought the straight cut would make it easier to use and define the lips but i find it too thick for that. Plus, I feel it eats up a lot of the product coz its so thick! *nonono* *nonono* My hunt for a lip brush still continues! *waaa* *waaa* *waaa*

  3. *drool* *drool* droolworthy Neha!! I m hoping for even gorgeous (if thats even possible) lip swatches from u!! *hihi* *hihi*

  4. 5/5 for such affordable lip brush.. m recommending it to my cousins then.. *happydance*
    Am so tempted to try colorbar goodies now.. *drool*

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