ColourPop Wisp Super Shock Cheek Highlighter Review

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ColourPop cosmetics have been bringing forth some amazing beauty products. This USA-based brand gained tons of popularity in 2015, and it’s not going anywhere in 2016, it’s here to stay! I already have tons of lipsticks from ColourPop and after reading raving reviews, I finally decided to pick up a highlighter. Let’s see how this product fared for me.

ColourPop Wisp Super Shock Cheek Highlighter


Highlighter details

My Experience with ColourPop Wisp Super Shock Cheek Highlighter:

Packaging: The packaging of this highlighter is exactly the same as the highlighter. The quantity provided is quite a lot.

Hightlighter packaging

Texture: The texture of this highlighter is literally like butter! I am absolutely in love with the texture of this beautiful highlighter.

Pigmentation: Just one little swipe in the pan and you would have a lot of product on your fingers. The pigmentation is incredible, but you have to be careful with application, otherwise you could end up getting too much highlighter on your face.

Shade:  The shade “Wisp” is a light golden champagne colour with gold glitter particles. The color looks different depending on your skin tone and it also looks different under different lights. This is an incredible highlight shade for fair, medium and deep skin tones. It is a versatile color and can be used as an eyeshadow too. The highlighter has a pearlized finish which gives a proper dewy finish to the skin.

Highlighter pan open

If you don’t have zits or acne on your skin, then it literally looks like a liquid highlighter. If you use too much, you could end up having glitter all over your face. So be careful when you dip your brush in the pan. Also, it is extremely buttery in texture which means that it is prone to breakage quickly. The best way to apply it is with your fingers first and then blend it a little with the brush. This highlighter stays on for 5 hours on my oily skin and starts to fade away post  hours, after that, I can see a little glitter spreading on to my entire cheek.

Face highlighter pan

If you are not into the whole crazy highlighter trend, then you can apply this super shock cheek highlighter and use a plain tissue to dust off the glitter particles. Once you do that, this highlighter shows up with a subtle finish. I tried it both ways and I am in love with it! I am surely going to buy other highlighters from ColourPop and also the eyeshadows from them. The best thing is that it doesn’t have any kind of fragrance at all. The sad part is that getting these products in India is quite a problem. I luckily had a relative who sent it to me, but the shipping does cost a lot.


Pros of ColourPop Wisp Super Shock Cheek Highlighter:

  • Beautiful champagne highlighter.
  • Long-wearing formula.
  • Soft and buttery texture.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Gives the perfect dewy look (pearlized finish).
  • Versatile shade.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Would suit a lot of skin tones.

Cons of ColourPop Wisp Super Shock Cheek Highlighter:

  • Expensive with shipping costs in India.
  • If you are not careful, you could end up with too much product on the face.
  • There is a little glitter fall out.
  • Can break easily due to the creamy texture.

IMBB Rating:
4.8/5. I love this highlighter, but I will not repurchase because I like trying new products.

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