Contouring Before and After

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It’s been quite long since contouring became a rage and everyone wanted to give a shot. Every Youtube makeup guru has her own conturing techniques and the products they swear by. Every celebrity has his/her own signature contour game. In this post, I am going to share some before and after contour images for all you guys. These images will help you in understanding the contour game and customize it according to your face shape, if you are beginning with contouring. Let’s dig in.
contouring before after

1. The Contour Queen Kim K:

kim k
You can clearly see how Kim uses the lighter shade and darker shade on her face for a chiseled look. Her sharp nose looks even sharper with that nose contour. Her cheeks look more plump and lifted. It’s the blending that makes her amplified contour look so calming and perfect to our eyes.

2. Priyanka Chopra:

priyanka chopra
We can see it clearly in this image, how apt highlight and contour has worked wonders for Priyanka. Her face looks much more defined and appealing now. Her nose looks much better and the highlighter concentrated on the centres of her face lifts her face instantly.

3. Monalisa (Epic one):

Here you can see the magic of contouring. Monalisa’s mysterious beauty gets a definiton when contouring is on fleek. Hats off to the photoshop guy/girl who did this. The hollows of the cheeks, pointed chin and nose, and that forehead with dimesion, this is some serious inspirational contouring.

4. Nikkie Tutorials:

Nikkie’s transformations with contouring are so beautiful. She has definitely mastered the art of contouring. You can check out her YouTube channel to see how she contours her face and sheds 5 kgs right away (she says that in a very funny way in her tutorials…hehehe!).

5. A random beauty:

So, I found this image and was completely awestruck. Look at the power of contouring. No words, just praises for the contour artist.

6. A round face:

chubby face
Every face can be transformed using contour techniques. Check this beauty out (pic courtesy:  Ashley Bracero). She has contoured her cheeks and there is an instant weight loss effect.

So ladies, if you haven’t given contouring a shot yet, you definitely need to try it. You’ll fall in love with it. In an upcoming post, I will share some budget friendly contour products for all our lovely beginners. Till then, stay positive stay beautiful.

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