9 Different Makeup Contouring Techniques

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There are thousands of articles on the internet on contouring and you must be thinking, oh! one more! Well contouring has been taken to so many levels that it has become difficult to keep count! In today’s post, I will tell you about different kinds of contouring. Do tell me which one do you prefer?


1. Classic contouring
This one is the basic type of contouring. Kim K made it famous and the whole world followed. In this dark and light shades of highlighters and bronzers are used on the face to make your features appear sharper and make facial bone structure look better.

2. Lip contouring
lip contouring
Lip contouring is done to make the lips appear fuller. In this technique, different shades of lip colour are applied to the lips to give them dimensions. The lighter ones are used in the middle of lips and darker ones on the outer corners.

3. Breast contouring
breast contouring
Décolletage contouring helps to give the bust area a fuller look with the use of bronzer and highlighter. It gives the illusion of bigger breasts. In this technique, you can use a bronzed makeup base and highlighter to define your collar bone, area above the breasts and cleavage to amp up your chest.

4. Clown contouring
clown contouring
Clown contouring uses several shades to help enhance the facial features and to conceal the facial flaws. In this technique, the face is mapped out in clown style to achieve a flawless look.

5. Tontouring
This is the simplified, everyday version of contouring. While contouring needs to be done every time you want a contoured face, tontouring doesn’t require frequent applications. A self-tanner is used in the process to define your cheekbones and nose. You will be able to go makeup free for 6-7 days for sure!

6. Strobing
Varying shades are used to create and provide definition in contouring while in strobing highlighters and illuminators are used to emphasize the high points of the face that light hits naturally like the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and temples. Strobing will give your face a very healthy glow.

7. Hair contouring
You won’t really be able to do this at home. In this, a professional applies dark and light highlights on the hair targeting especially the tresses around the face area to accentuate your facial features and help you fake the perfect bone structure.

8. Baking
In this process, you let the heavy layer of translucent powder sit after the usual foundation-concealer routine for about 10 minutes. The powder works with your skin’s natural heat to melt the concealer into your face, filling in any creases and lines thereby giving you a flawless face with no creases or lines.

9. Henna contouring
henna contouring
You will never feel like blending with this technique. This is not something that you can do easily as intricate henna patterns are used to highlight and contour the face. Instead of using the actual henna (obviously!), foundation and concealers are used to achieve the desired look.

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