Coriander Face Mask for Pimple Scar Removal – DIY

Hey beautiful girls, today I would be sharing my secret potion for a clear and glowing skin. I have been using this face mask for ages now and I can totally vouch for it. It works wonders for pimple scar removal and helps in keeping them at bay. Initially, I was applying his face pack overnight, but now for convenience I apply it for about 20 minutes only. The ingredients required are a very quick and easy find in the kitchen. I have normal but very sensitive skin and hot weather tends to give me acne. So, let’s come to the ingredient list:

Coriander Face Mask

• Fresh Red Tomatoes
• Green coriander leaves
• Rose water
Coriander Face Mask for Pimple Scar Removal - DIY

Firstly, you need to wash the tomatoes and the coriander properly, so there is no dirt in it. Then blend chopped tomatoes with coriander (I include the stems also) and rose water to make a paste. Oily skinned beauties can add lemon juice and if you want it to become a smooth paste you can also add fuller’s earth. Personally I like my skin to breathe even when the paste is applied on the skin and with fuller’s earth I feel a little suffocated, so I don’t add this ingredient. It’s a matter of your personal choice.

Coriander Face Mask for Pimple Scar Removal - DIY (2)

Cleanse your face and apply this mask evenly all over your face and neck. Leave the mask on your skin for about 15-20 minutes and let your skin soak up all the goodies from coriander and tomatoes. Later you can rinse off your face with water and what you get is a sparkling, gleaming and very clear skin. With regular usage of this face pack pimple scars reduce and vanish. I still keep getting pimples here and there, but I totally rely on this face pack to solve my problems.

Coriander Face Mask for Pimple Scar Removal - DIY (3)

Tomatoes are full of antioxidants which help in clearing dark spots from the skin. Tomato juice has whitening properties also that help as an anti tanning agent. Fresh coriander dries and heals pimples. It also has excellent anti aging and anti wrinkle effects on skin. So, together these two ingredients work wonders for me.

Coriander Face Mask for Pimple Scar Removal - DIY (4)


• In long run with regular usage of this face mask you can expect the dark spots on your face fade and eventually vanish
• The face mask can be used as an anti tanner during summers
• It lightens your complexion
• It is better than using chemical face masks on your delicate facial skin 🙂



shilpi (2)

I use this face mask on a frequent basis and would suggest you to try this during summers and enjoy clear and polished skin all year round. Enjoy.

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37 thoughts on “Coriander Face Mask for Pimple Scar Removal – DIY

  1. Wow Shilpi U skin looks so fresh and glowing 🙂 And now I got to see ur full face 😉 But great DIY will try it soon as I have oily and sensitive skin 🙁

  2. wow! this would be such a help to many! 😀 although i don’t have acne problem as such, but i will still try this mask for antioxidant properties! :)yay! u got glowing skin girl! <3

  3. shilpi this mask looks to have a running consistency…will it stay on my face??…i think it will create a mess???
    but the results are superb..i can see on ur skin..n u are beautyful 🙂

    1. U just have to pat it on the face and it settles soon..its not messy you just need a little bit of practice, Thanks for liking it Nausheen 🙂

  4. WOW… Shilpi awesoem… I shall try this… I’ll try atleast for a month to see the results…
    thanks a ton 🙂

  5. This sounds really amazing…thankkkk you sooo much for sharing Shilpi 🙂
    My scars are soo stubborn and not going since last 1 month…i hope this works for me and i think it will 🙂 😉

  6. Yes there is a clear visible difference between the two pics…im sure gonna try this Shilpi..i do hav a scar which does not budge no matter what i do…do i hav to use this pack everyday and also can this be stored in the refrigerator? Thanks.

  7. Although I don’t have any such scar on my face…but i will still try this mask for the other benefits.. 🙂

  8. wow!! so easy-peasy pack! 🙂
    n definitely ur face is glowing Shilpi! 🙂
    can i add some sandalwood powder in it? or would it disturb the concoction?

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