Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack Acne Skin Review

Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack

Hey IMBB Girlies! This is my first post on my beloved site. The onset brought acne in my face (mine is of course oily skin). I was able to maintain a pimple and acne free skin from past couple of months, all thanks to IMBB. These acnes were bothering me a lot so as soon as I saw Aroma magic’s Calamine face pack I grabbed it without a second thought.
aroma magic calamine face pack

What Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack Claims: A specially formulated non oily and corrective skin care pack that speeds up the disappearance of excessive oil sebum, pimples and acne infection. Also brightens dark and sallow complexion.

Active Ingredients: Calamine, mint, neem, garlic, multani mitti and sandalwood.

Directions to use: Clean face with Aroma Magic mint cleanser, mix 1/4th tsp of pack with Aroma skin toner to make a paste. Apply on affected areas only twice a week.Apply Aroma magic fairy oil daily on affected areas.
aroma magic face pack acne skin
Nett Weight: 15 grams

MRP: Rs. 90 only
face pack
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

My Experience with Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack: This pack comes in a powder form so you can see the silica packet inside the tub to keep it dry. Silica is used for the absorption of moisture from the surroundings so the product remains dry and does not degrade. So, I made a paste mixing it with dabur Gulabari. After making the paste I applied it on my face and could get the atrocious smell of garlic all over. I still was not able to find out the source then suddenly saw the ingredient list and understood the root cause. One of the ACTIVE ingredients was “ Garlic”. I mean was I reading it right? Garlic??? We all know the importance of Calamine, neem, mint, multani mitti and sandalwood in skin care but Garlic?? I never knew that Garlic could be used for skin. After googling, I found out that it has antiviral, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Since bacteria are one of the causes of acne outburst therefore the antibacterial properties of garlic would keep them at bay.

It dried in 15 minutes after which I washed my face. Wow! I could see my face Oil free and glowing. It was all spic and span. Even the redness of pimples subdued. Though the face remained oil free for two hours but the active ingredient’s (read garlic) smell remained for a longer duration of time.

My Verdict:

Pros of Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack

 I have been using this product from quite some time. I can say that it does not eradicate the acne completely but have definitely made them less visible.
 It gives you an instant glow after the wash.
 The oiliness and stickiness just goes away.
 It is not tested on animals.
 Shelf life is three years.
 Price is quite reasonable (only Rs. 90 )

Cons of Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack

 First and foremost the smell of garlic. It is so strong that whoever enters the room will get the smell of it rather stink of it 🙁
 It comes in a powder form. I somehow like ready to use face packs that can be used with out any hassles.
 It is a high time that Aroma magic’s Product development team works towards the packaging of the product. It is not up to the mark.

Will I buy it again: Probably not cause I will take a long time to finish this pack. I will use it only during my acne outburst otherwise no.

My Rating: 3 on 5. 2 marks deducted, 1 for the stinking odour and other for the remaining cons.

Hope you liked the review.

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38 thoughts on “Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack Acne Skin Review

  1. i hav heard gud reviews abt this one..i ll get this for sure,, thnjx for the review :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  2. Good review Puja.. :waytogo:
    The more fancier the packaging becomes, the more pricier it would be :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. Welcome to IMBB! :toothygrin: Great review. I can imagine how stinky this product would be considering it has garlic as one of the main ingredients. :sick: Thanks to its smell, this pack may be used to ward off vampires. :vampire: :stars:

  4. i prefer to use calamine lotion mixed with vit e oil and essential oils as a face pack …it helps to clear my skin

  5. te combo sounds interesting! calamine and garlic..hehehe… i used to always read abt garlic benefits on beakouts but 1st time im seeing it being used in a skin care product..
    maybe my curiosity might make me buy this..although aroma magic prodcuts dont work on me :weep:

  6. Hi Pooja
    Welcome and a nice first review.
    I love garlic but only in my food :toothygrin: so i think I will stay away from this product. And yes secondly as you mentioned even i prefer a face pack that is ready to use. Mixing and storing powdered ones is a pain.

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