Dabur Badam Tail Review

Skin Type: Oily & sensitive
Hair Type: Normal soft smooth with dry ends

Hi girls!
I always love to use natural oils for my skin and hair. And, almond oil is great for skin and hair both. Today’s review is going to be on Badam Tail by Dabur. It is 100% pure almond oil. I am using this oil since last 2 months now. Let’s jump into the review.

Dabur Badam Tail Review

INR 315/-for 100ml


My Experience with Dabur Badam Tail:

This badam oil comes in a heavy glass bottle with a tin cap. Packaging is really old style and it is quite heavy to carry. But this type of packaging is very common to natural oils. For its clear glass bottle, it is easy to understand how much of the products is left. All the details are printed on the cardboard box and it comes with a pamphlet too.


The texture of this oil is quite thick and yellow in color. It feels heavy and it blends smoothly on hair and skin. It actually feels hydrating and it has a very “pure” smell in it. The oil looks pure and feels pure; not like other store-bought almond hair oils. It goes on easily and gets absorbed easily too with a little massage. It is easy to spread this oil from the roots to the tips. On my oily skin, it feels little oily, so it is better to use this oil at night. It never feels sticky and doesn’t cause any pimples.


I have pretty normal hair but sometimes, due to pollution, the tips of my hair feel dry and look rough. So I really like to use this oil to solve this problem. We all know the benefits of almond oil for hair. Almond oil makes hair soft and smooth. It provides deep nourishment to my hair.

open bottle

My hair actually feels silky and smooth now. It also promotes hair growth. All the results are noticeable after 1 month. The texture of my hair has improved a lot. It also helps to reduce breakage. Oil feels little heavy on hair, so I prefer to use it at night or by mixing this oil with my normal coconut oil. And next morning, after washing, my hair actually feels amazing.

almond oil

Now, how it works on my skin. It actually feels extremely moisturizing on skin. Yeah, it is quite heavy on my oily skin, but it gives a super nourished skin instantly. It makes my skin healthy. Almond oil also helps to clear out my skin. I also like to apply under my eye area. I know it will lighten my dark circles with regular usage too. It gives a very natural and noticeable glow.


Overall, this is a multitasking oil for hair, face, body & eyes. This oil is also good for our health. You just need to mix 1 tablespoon of oil with warm milk and drink that mixture. It keeps you healthy and strong from the inside. I also use this to make my face pack. It takes some time to show results but it is a great oil.

Pros of Dabur Badam Tail:

• Affordable.
• 100% natural oil.
• Spreads easily on hair and skin.
• Doesn’t have any artificial color or smell.
• Hydrating oil.
• Makes hair soft, smooth, shiny and healthy.
• Provides a glowing skin.
• Great for dry skin.
• Helps to reduce dark circles.
• Multipurpose product.
• Works nice as a body oil also.

Cons of Dabur Badam Tail:

• Glass bottle is not travel friendly.
• Little heavy for oily skin.
• Thick texture makes hair oily, so better use it at night.
• Not super effective to control hair fall.

IMBB Rating:

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Dabur Badam Tail?
Yes, this is a very important and useful oil for me. I will highly recommend this.

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