Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream Review

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream

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Most of you who read my outfit posts know that I use this product every time on my face. This product was used by my room-mate and she advised me to try this one. Once I tried, there was no looking back. It has been over a year I have been using this and I find absolutely no flaws in it.

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream

Product description:

• Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream is made from the totally natural ingredients, this cream helps lighten your skin tone and improved skin texture
• It imbibes the goodness of Javetri and Kasturimanjal, along with Raktachandan to help your skin retain moisture and maintain its softness
• The widely-acknowledged benefits of Kesar reduce dark spots.
Key ingredients: extracts of javetri,kasturimanjal, kesar and shunthi, glycerine, OMC, MBBT.

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream (3)
How do the ayurvedic ingredients work?
• Kasturimanjal, along with other ingredients, helps in lightning the skin tone from within.
• Javetri, helps in lightening spots and blemishes from within.
• Kesar is a natural ingredient that helps give skin an even tone.
• Shunthi helps give softness to the skin.

INR 115 for 30grams

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream (5)
Directions for use:
• Apply dabur uveda complete fairness cream after washing your face with dabur uveda face wash.
• Gently massage the cream in circular movement from the center of the face to the cheeks upward and in the neck from bottom upward.
• With every use your skin will look fair, even toned and glowing.
• For best results, use twice a day.

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream (6)
My experience with Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream:

It comes in a tub like packing which is not considered hygienic but this is the first thing I apply on my face and I make sure I wash my hands before so it is okay for me.
Well, I do not use this for any fairness benefit, nor do I believe in the claims of fairness creams. It works for me as a moisturiser plus sunscreen. I wash my face with Dabur uveda face wash for dry skin and apply this once in the morning and every time before going out. It hydrates my skin well and leaves a dewy kind of effect. This dewy effect is one of the main reasons why I love it. It evens out my skin and makes it look radiant. No other sunscreen or cream gives me such evened out or glowy effect. Some people thought it gives coverage, after seeing my outfits posts but it does not. It is just as tinted as a sunscreen is. I do not feel the need of a foundation/concealer most of the times, so I do not use it.
The amount on each application differs for me as my skin throws different tantrums each day 😛 I mean the days I feel my skin to be extra dry, I apply it more and vice versa. I do not think this will suit oily skinned beauties because I use it for hydration purpose and it works very well for that. This is my third tub and I have felt that it has really evened out my skin and keeps it soft and radiant all the time. Also, it works great on the sunscreen part. I have walked out in the sun sometimes but hopefully did not get any tanning. I do not have blemishes, so cannot comment on that. It has a mild sweet fragrance like one of a kesar containing ayurvedic cream, which is pleasing to me.

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream (4)
Moreover, since most of the ingredients it contains are ayurvedic, it gives me a feeling of not harming my face with the harsh chemicals. I cannot try each and every thing on my skin; this cream has treated me well ever since I have started using it, so I will stick to this only. I have already kept two tubs for backup – I love it to that extent.

Pros of Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream:

• Great cream for hydration both in summers and winters especially for dry skinned beauties.
• Ayurvedic ingredients.
• SPF 20 works just fine as a sunscreen.
• Nice mild fragrance.
• Evens out skin.
• Gives that dewy/glowy effect.
• 30 gram tub goes along way. Two tubs lasted for around 10-11 months even when I use it daily.
• Cheap.
• Easily available.

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream swatch and application (3) Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream swatch and application (4)

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream swatch and application
Cons of Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream:

• Oily skinned beauties may not find it as beneficial.

Will I repurchase/ recommend Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream?

A big yes!

IMBB Rating:

5/5 for dry skinned girls.
Take care everyone!

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  1. This looks good… But i’m just a little scared to use products of brands mentioning only the key ingredients *scared* *scared*

          1. hi vidhi… han it does scare but I think I do use one or the other thing containing even parabens, so I can use this product too. specially when it suits me so well… 🙂

    1. yeshhh jomol di… *pompom*
      the nailpaint is Lakme absolute fast and fabulous shade 30- sunshine yellow…. *nails*

  2. Sahiba…u r blessed wt great skin *preen* and its nice that this cream takes care of ur beauty… *happy dance* …..but ever since I have learnt on IMBB that Dabur rose water contains paraben *hunterwali* , I am unsure about Dabur products…. *scared*

    1. eeeee.. thankuuu so much anradha… *happydance*
      you are rite at ur place dear… but i think at least it is not complete chemical based… *duh*

  3. This sounds amazing Sahiba *hifive* i always wanted to try some herbal kind off a cream with natural ingredients *hifive* will buy it… going shopping tomorrow *happy dance* *happy dance*

  4. hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thnmbs up fo ur posttttttttt n u bls vd a flawless skin MASHAALLAHAA i hv a combnation type skin can i go fo it sahiba let me knwwwwwww plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?????????

    1. thankuuu sho much saim… *puchhi*
      yes you can go for it… you will need thoda sa cream on your face… i have dry skin to i put lots of it generally…. *happydance*

  5. i have dry skin & every day my skin is behaving differently *duel* I think I should give a try as I am suffering from extremely dry skin in some areas of my face *cry* Yuo tempted me try this beauty 😀 Thanks Sahiba *puchhi*

  6. wow grt review Sahiba! I have dry skin too and its so diff to find ryt products for our skin type…we miss the hype i guess… *headbang* *headbang* but will surely try this product! *pompom*

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