Avon Anew 360 White Clarifying Cleanser Review

Avon Anew 360 White Clarifying Cleanser Review

A “foaming cleanser,” how rare is that, for me, pretty rare, since I have scarcely come across foaming cleansers. I found this foaming cleanser in the Avon catalogue and picked it up. I just wanted a “foaming cleanser” and nothing else about the product mattered, and I didn’t read the whole description about the product. Let’s see how I found it and how it worked for me.

Avon Anew White Cleanser

Product Being Reviewed:

Avon Anew 360 White Clarifying Cleanser.

Avon Anew

What’s Written on the Tube?

Begin your Anew 360 white whitening process with this innovative clarifying cleanser! It not only thoroughly washes off impurities, excess oil, and rough skin, but also remove dead skin cells to leave skin prepared for followed products.

Formulated with Yeast Extract, which helps to accelerate the discharge of melanin contained in skin surface cells to help lighten skin.
Formulated with the breakthrough whitening technologies. Refresh, soothe skin and leaves skin feeling smooth and supple.
Gentle to skin, allergy tested.


Rs. 499 for 100 gm.



My Take on Avon Anew 360 White Clarifying Cleanser:

Anew cleanser comes in a sleek white tube with a flip-open cap. It has a mild to nadir scent, which is very appealing. The cleanser is of porous creamy consistency and just about a small coin size is required to work up a nice creamy lather. After I wash off the creamy lather, what is left is a clean face free of all oil and grim. There is no oily or flimsy layer left behind and remarkably, there is no dry or stretchy feel either. I just have a refreshed feeling on the face left behind. This cleanser removes all kinds of makeup effectively without a trace. Since this is a considerably large tube and only a small amount of cleanser is required, the tube is going to last for a considerable period of time.  Also, my face remained shine free for a pretty long time on hot days without anything at all on the face and that is such a huge blessing for me.  Talking about the pros and cons of the cleanser.


Pros of Avon Anew 360 White Clarifying Cleanser:

  • A foaming cleanser, which effectively cleans oil and grime off the face.
  • Only a small amount is required for each use.
  • Removes all traces of makeup effectively.
  • Does not leave any kind of layer behind.
  • Makes the face squeaky clean.
  • No dry or stretchy skin.
  • My face remained oil free for quite a long time without any kind of cream or foundation on.


Cons of Avon Anew 360 White Clarifying Cleanser:

Price is a big con, considering it comes for almost Rs. 500 for 100 g, but do look for offers.

Will I Buy This Again:

Yes of course, I will, I just wish they drop the price of this cleanser a little.

IMBB Rating:

3.5/5…..-1.5 for the high price.

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