Dabur Uveda Clarifying Face Wash Review

Dabur Uveda Clarifying Face Wash Review

By Vani Venugopal

Being someone with acne prone and oily facial skin, I am always on the hunt for a good face wash which not only cleanses well but also keeps my face oil free at least for a few hours, like from morning till the lunch break when I can wash it again. Clean and clear did not do this job for me, the new clean and clear for oily skin was a total failure for me and the Fabindia Tea Tree oil face wash too didn’t work for me, even though I had high expectations for it. End of the story- they did not do their job and I had to look for an alternative.

Dabur uveda clarifying face wash

I bought Dabur Uveda Clarifying face wash for oily skin on the recommendation of a SA in Big Bazaar. I can’t say my search for a great facewash for my oily skin is over, but yes, it has reached some milestones. I am glad I bought this product!

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Product Description

This ayurvedic face wash contains Khus, Vatchal and Tulsipatra which are known for their many benefits for the skin and also salicylic acid which greatly helps to prevent and control acne.

  • Khus and Tulsipatra help in cleansing of the skin
  • Vatchaal helps remove excess oil from the skin

But this ‘ayurvedic’ face wash contains a host of chemicals like SLS and many parabens!

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Rs.130 for 100 ml. As usual Big Bazaar had some great offers going on and I got it for Rs.95!


Standard tube in a deep brickish red colour with a standard flip open cap in a dull golden colour.

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Pros of Dabur Uveda Clarifying Face Wash :

  • It does its job well. It cleanses my super oily face well effectively.
  • Most face washes cleanse well but this does more. It keeps my face shine free for many hours, at least 4 hours which is just so great! This is the biggest pro for me because it’s impossible to look as fresh as you feel when your face is all shiny . Many face washes like clean and clear (both normal and new ranges) and Fabindia Tea Tree to name a few recent ones have failed me in this aspect.
  • It contains active herbal ingredients and salicylic acid.
  • It did not break me out.
  • It has a nice and herbal fragrance which is soothing and not at all overpowering.
  • Has a package which screams out for attention! Well… I like it!
  • It is decently priced.
Dabur uveda clarifying face wash

 Cons of Dabur Uveda Clarifying Face Wash :

  • It is really hard to call this a herbal face wash, it contains a long list of chemicals including many alcohols, SLS and many parabens!
  • A lot of the product comes out of the tube easily, should be careful with that.
  • It does not give an instant temporary whitening to the face like certain other face washes ( like Ponds) but that really is not a con for me. Who wants to look fair and bright for 5 minutes!

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Will I buy Dabur Uveda Clarifying Face Wash  again?

Yes, unless someone recommends a great new find for oily skin and I want to try it!

Do I recommend Dabur Uveda Clarifying Face Wash ?

Yes, totally. This face wash totally works and keeps my face oil-free for hours. It’s really a big put off leaving my hostel room looking fresh and reaching college all oily-faced! This face wash has solved this problem for me, I am really happy about it. Do try it, it might work for you too and  won’t that just be great!

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4 thoughts on “Dabur Uveda Clarifying Face Wash Review

  1. hey nice detailed review Vani.. glad it worked for u.. bt so far fabindia tea tree has been best in removing extra oil from my super oily face.. 🙂

  2. I had bought the complete repair face pack by Uveda , thanks to the SA at big bazaar. it didn’t do its work well. i tried the cream too. It also turned out to be a failure!

  3. Try Sebamed Clearface Cleansing Foam!! Works brilliantly.
    It helped me clear all my acne and controls the oil secretion pretty well.

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