Dabur Uveda Face Scrub Review

Dabur Uveda Face Scrub Review

Hey Girls,

I’m here with the review of Dabur Uveda Face scrub.Offlate I’ve started using the home made scrubs, but this was a very old one which I’ve been using 3-4 months back. I’ve started using it again just to empty it .

dabur uveda face scrub review

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Product Description

Dabur Uveda Face Scrub is enriched with carefully selected ayurvedic ingredients which gently removes dead skin, deep seated impurities. It replenishes lost nutrients and moisture in the skin leaving it fresh, soft and smooth. It also helps lighten skin tone and makes your skin glow with health

Price – Rs160 for 100grams

Check the pic for the list of ingredients. It was little tedious to type. So I’ve put the pic. 🙂

dabur uveda face scrub
My take on Dabur Uveda Face Scrub
The scrub comes in a red tube type packing with a golden colored flip open cap.The scrub itself is creamy white. To compare the texture of the scrub, I would say its similar to the Ever youth scrubs. Creamy, mild and gentle.

The scrub has minute and mild scrubbing particles.

dabur uveda face scrub

I take a little amount of the scrub and work on my facial skin. The very instant I feel a minty cooling sensation. I like it. The scrub smells very much of herbs. If you are bored of the regular walnut,apricot,almond scrub, you can opt for this.

I squeeze a little of the scrub and start working on my face in gentle storkes.The mild granules are at its best at exfoliating and the massaging sensation is great.

Now coming to the important part of the results delivered, it did its job pretty good. Dead cells were removed and my face looked clean and the dull look was gone. It imparted a nice glow to my skin, giving a fresh clean look. My skin felt soft and polished. :).It did not make my skin go dry dry and feel stretchy.

dabur uveda scrub swatch

Though it claims to lighten skin tone, I did not find any visible change, but I’m not complaining about it.

What I like about Dabur Uveda Face Scrub

  • Not the usual almond/walnut/fruity smell. This one smells of herbs.
  •  The cooling sensation you feel as soon as you apply on your face
  • Removes dead cells and black heads to a good extent
  • Does not make you feel stretchy and dry
  • Makes your skin soft and clean
  • Creamy texture with mild granules which is good at exfoliating. I like the feel when I massage this scrub on my face.
  • Not heavily priced and decent packing

What I do not like about Dabur Uveda Face Scrub

  • Nothing as such

Will I recommend Dabur Uveda Face Scrub
– Yes
IMBB Rating – 4/5
Final Verdict
If you want a mild exfoliating scrub with a touch of herbal aroma and ayurvedic ingredients, do pick this. Its a pretty decent scrub for the price you spend and you would see good results apart from the skin tone lightening factor. Overall it’s a good buy.

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    1. True Aparajitha.availability is the problem.i have their face packs too..i always take them from one of the online stores..

  1. I have been a secret follower of IMBB… and I love these detailed reviews with pics 😛
    I love all the makeup stuff <3 I work in a software company.. & am the only girl in my team.. I get bored *silence* with no girl to talk with.. *headbang* So IMBB is a place where I get to read about all the 'Girly' stuff.. and guess what I don't miss my girl frnds from school or college anymore now… *happydance*

    Rati, Jomol the whole IMBB team rocks!! *clap* Great work!!
    Rati you are super cool I love your pics & OOTDs..
    Jomol I love the way u use *woot* <– this smily.. Whenever I read your comment it always makes me smile rofl
    Thank you for making IMBB..

    Coming to the review.. Nice review done RAMA.. *pompom* I have never used any Dabur Uveda Products myself.. I wud like to use this scrub though *powder* But availability is an issue for their products..

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