Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask

Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask

Hello friends, I will be reviewing a product from Dabur Uveda- Skincare expert from Ayurveda, the Complete Repair 5 face mask. On a visit to a store, a pushy SA was trying her best to convince me to buy this face mask. Though I did not purchase it at that point of time, I did pick it up later.

Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask

What the Company Says about Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask:

Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 mask is specially formulated with chosen ayurvedic ingredients that help replenish essential vitamins and minerals working on 5 most commonly occurring skin issues like outer dark layer, uneven skin tone, dry rough skin, dullness and spots, giving flawless face that glows with health.

Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask Helps in 5 Ways:
– Repairs damaged cells making them healthy.
– Removes dull dead skins accumulated on skin’s surface.
– Lightens spots.
– Soothes dry skin.
– Improves skin tone.

How Do the Ayurvedic Ingredients Work?

Haridra: Along with other ingredients, works on damaged skin cells, making them healthy.
Priyangu: Along with other ingredients, helps to make skin softer and healthier.
Neelkamal: Along with other ingredients, helps to lighten skintone and spots, giving skin a healthy glow.

How To Use:
Clean your face with Dabur Uveda face wash and apply the soft paste of Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 face mask on your face. Avoid the area around the eye and mouth. Let it dry for 10 to 15 min and wash off with cold water. Proven results: On application, post wash- visibly clear skin.

Price and Quantity:

Rs 175 for 100 g.

Shelf Life:

18 months from the date of manufacture.

Dabur Uveda mask back

My Experience with Dabur Uveda Face Mask:

The product is a light green-coloured paste and has an ayurvedic kind of smell. The packaging is a flip cap bottle which avoids any wastage of the product. It claims to be dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. It can be used about 2 to 3 times in a week. There is a tingling sensation after applying the mask. After usage, my skin feels clean and smooth. It evens out the skin tone. The natural active ingredients like Haridra, Priyangu and Neelkamal are beneficial for the skin. The mask does contain parabens and other chemical ingredients. I was glad the full ingredient list is mentioned, unlike some which claim to be completely natural. The main reason I started using it, is for the blemishes and spots on my face, but using the mask has unfortunately not made any visible difference to the spots.

Dabur Uveda mask

What I Like About Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask

  • It contains natural active ingredients like Haridra, Priyangu, Neelkamal, which are good for the skin.
  • The skin feels smooth after using the mask.
  • It gives an even skin tone.
  • Full ingredient list is mentioned.
  • Dermatalogically tested.

Dabur Uveda mask swatch

What I Did Not Like About Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask

  • It has not made much difference to the blemishes or dark spots.
  • Some may not like the tingling sensation.
  • It contains parabens.

Rating: 3.25/5.

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23 thoughts on “Dabur Uveda Complete Repair 5 Face Mask

  1. oh thanks Vidya for review………i was looking for this ………….even in NeW shope S/a insist me every time to buy this………..mmmmmmmmmm well now I will deff give a try to this one :waytogo: …….i m also looking for their night cream review ……. :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

    1. ya sim try it and see if it works for u :)) oh they have a night cream, visited their store long time back, so dont rem :toothygrin:

    1. it worked decently for me, though nothing great pooja. i will still continue using it to see if there is any difference on the marks :))

  2. hey i was also curious about. At the time I was looking for a good cleanser/face pack, the SA did try her best to sell this one to me. Infact I even picked it up but the line was too long so i kept it back and never picked it after that. glad you reviewed it. Shall definitely try this. i love face packs 🙂

    1. hey aruna hope it works for you :waytogo: u know the SA was almost pleading me, please buy this once m’am, please n all those uhh

  3. I didn’t like this at all.. I was attracted bcz their facewash suited me alot. Tingling sensation is too much, and when I applied it for the first time, after removing it, I had got tiny red bumps on the face 🙁 kinda rash, which took almost a week to go. When my brave hubby tried it on his face, nothing happened though. .. It is simply lying in my cupboard, will finish this by using on my legs 😛

    1. sneha it gave u rashes 😐 😐 thats sad, havent faced that problem for my skin! u have sensitive skin? using a face pack for legs :tongue: have never tried it

  4. Hm….Looks nice. :dumb: :dumb: :dumb:
    I might just try this….might. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    Great review,Vidya! :jalwa:

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