Deborah Milano 2 In 1 Waterproof Gel Kajal and Eyeliner 01 Black Review

Hello peeps,
Gel liners are something that I have adored from the moment I entered the make-up town! I have used ample of gel liners with a brush but that process is too tedious to pick up the liner with a brush and then create a look. I spotted these new gel liners by Deborah Milano that come in a pencil form. I am not much into colourful liners, hence I picked the basic black one. See how this worked for me! 

Deborah Milano 2 In 1 Waterproof Gel Kajal and Eyeliner 01 Black

Price: Rs 675

Shades available: 7-8 shades

Product description by Deborah Milano:
Providing the consumer with easy-to-use and understand products necessary for creating a perfect and professional eye look in a fun way is our current challenge.
Deborah is EXPERT of the PERFECT look offering products to create the perfect smoldering look, through different delivery systems and textures.
Maintaining our strong position in 2 strategic and growing segments: Kajal and Eyeliner pencils.
Reinforcing our EYE EXPERT portfolio on range with PERFORMANCE, COLOR and DELIVERY SYSTEMS.


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My Experience with Deborah Milano 2 In 1 Waterproof Gel Kajal and Eyeliner 01 Black:

Deborah Milano keeps coming up with new products that amaze me because they are quite affordable and great at quality too. I saw these new gel liners and I was really happy because the range did not just come up with the basic ones! It has basic as well as funky shades to choose from! I picked up only the black one, so let’s start with the in-depth review.

Packaging: The gel liner comes in a colour coded pencil packaging which is sleek and long. The structure of this pencil makes it very travel-friendly. The pencil comes with a tight cap which does not separate from the pencil at any cost which is why there is no scope that the bullet might break. I just did not like sharpen and use packaging because the entire sharpening thing causes a lot of wastage which isn’t really great because the price is high. Comparing it to the other drugstore gel liners, I think the price is pretty high. Rather I would suggest the some other ones which will last even longer and work in a similar way.


Shade, Texture and Pigmentation: The shade I picked up is intense black and it shows up the colour in the first swipe itself. However, swiping it 2-3 times creates a super dramatic and a catchy look. It creates an instant pop on my eyes. The texture is creamy and the finish is perfect like a gel liner.

However, being a tough gel liner it does not glide that easily like the creamy eye pencils. It does stop a bit while applying which creates an uneven look. But this uneven look can be only observed when someone is very close, from far, it looks perfect. However, due to the gel finish, it takes me forever to remove it off my eyes. No matter how powerful make-up removers or oil cleansers I use, a little tugging and pulling is inevitable. It does give me panda eyes after removal and hence I might just restrict it’s use.


Staying Power: The gel kajal stays on my waterline for 2 hours which is pretty low considering it is a gel liner. The other good gel liners last at-least for 4 hours on my waterline, so this was a little disappointing. I don’t feel comfortable applying it over my eyes in a winged pattern because the texture creates an uneven look which looks very unprofessional. Under my eyes, it lasts for 7-8 hours with the colour losing its intensity after 5 hours which is great.

Overall a nice buy because the quality is great and this is super convenient too, but yes, not the best one!

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Pros of Deborah Milano 2 In 1 Waterproof Gel Kajal and Eyeliner 01 Black:

• Super handy, easy to use and colour coded.
• Has a huge variety of basic and colourful shades to choose from.
• The pencil is a 2-in-1 pencil so great for waterline and over the eyes.
• The formula is a creamy gel formula.
• The pigmentation is intense black and creates a catchy eye look.
• It stays on me for 7-8 hours with very little smudging.
• Easily available.
• I wear contacts and it worked pretty safely for me.
• Great for tight-lining.
• They don’t test on animals.


Cons of Deborah Milano 2 In 1 Waterproof Gel Kajal and Eyeliner 01 Black:

• It stays for just 2 hours on my waterline, hence there is no point calling it a 2-in-1 product.
• It is extremely difficult to remove it off and after removing it off it gives me panda eyes.
• I don’t feel comfortable using it like eyeliner because it does not give me that sharp look, I only use it below my eyes.
• It does not glide that easily hence it gives a little uneven look when observed closely.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Deborah Milano 2 In 1 Waterproof Gel Kajal and Eyeliner 01 Black?
Yes I definitely recommend this because this is a super easy option to substitute the gel liner pot! I don’t know whether I would get this again or not because I am still pretty much loyal to the Maybelline gel liner.
I really liked this 2 in 1 pencil because it is great to work with, in a jiffy!

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