Derma Seta Body Spa Kit Review

Derma Seta Body Spa kit

Hey there Gorgeous Ladies!!

I would love to present my maiden product review to all the lovelies out there. Today, I’m going to beauty-dabble a bit about Derma Seta. This is for all exfoliation fanatics like myself. Hope this review finds you well.

Derma Seta Set

Upon emptying out the contents of the package, this is what you’ll see. The Derma Seta unit comes with its own cradle-base.The attachments come labelled like these to avoid mix-ups.

The Usage:

Once you get your paws on the Derma Seta set, you empty out the contents and explore a bit. Play around with what looks like a shower head! Do read the catalogue. It is helpful even if you aren’t the biggest fan of catalogues (like myself). If you get the rechargeable version, kudos to you. If otherwise, try to master the alignment of batteries and test it with each given attachment. The attachments fortunately come labelled for convenient usage. Start off by testing the exfoliator, the pumice stone, the foot smoother and so on. Do not put on any lotions or creams before exfoliating. If you are sun-scorched, please forget about using this. That goes the same for any overly dry skin. It is wise to do a patch test on the less scar-prone areas like your calves and upper arms.

Derma Seta (3)

After using the Derma Seta, switch it off (batteries may be left inside the battery compartment), detach the attachments that you were using and wipe it clean before putting it away. Please don’t risk an early demise of your set by touching it with watery hands or leaving it in a wet place.

Left: The slit-like opening is where you place your thumb to detach the extra attachments. An effortless tug would do the trick. Right: Massage on the go!

Derma Seta (2)

The Turn-ons of Derma Seta  Body Spa Kit:

*Essential to complete the exfoliation of skin
*Easy to handle
*Easy to clean

Derma Seta


*Not quite a value-for-money purchase.
*Some of the attachments are repetitive.
*There must have been fewer attachments that ensure an ultimate body treatment instead of an array of extra fittings.
*Could have had more adjustable features on the unit itself to be a hot favourite in the market.

Derma Seta (5)


My Swoop On The Product:

In my ever honest opinion, the part about whisking off my hair without having to spend a fortune on waxing is a total bogus! It DOES NOT aid in removing any kinds of hair, be it on the upper lip, jawline, or even the bikini line. But, it sure has its own goodness. Derma Seta plays its role rather well in cleansing and exfoliating. More often than not I would reach for Derma Seta to complete my pedicure regimen. The maintenance is almost a walk in the park. Initially there were a few hiccups with the batteries and the handset. I was wishing for the rechargeable version, which is called the Deluxe Unit. But since it wasn’t available in my region, I had to make do with the battery operated set. So don’t gt alarmed when your Derma Seta handset gets overheated in your hands. It’s probably your hotness rubbing off on it!

Purchase Worthiness:

I would give it 3 out of 5 stars. I was expecting a little more than just this. It is good; not fabulous though. Hence I wouldn’t make a repurchase when given a chance.

Yay or Nay? Hanging in the middle.
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14 thoughts on “Derma Seta Body Spa Kit Review

  1. most of the tvc products are bogus. Green tea diet to lose weight.Pills to increase height.(they only disrupt your hormones ) When I saw this , I wondered how can the hair removal via exfoliation ever work out. Then Bee had bought the instyler – the hair styler which damaged her hair. Sighs…thanks a lot for the review , you saved many people`s money ….

  2. Thanks for reviewing this saw this product online and was tempted to purchase it too… after your review will not . 😀

  3. *announce* For the record, please do make a note that I am already a fan of your writing Asha….. *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*
    And yes… that is a very pleasing “Yay” for me….. *happydance*

    As far as the product review goes, the ONLY question in my mind was to have an idea about the hair removal claim… Needless to say… “Nay” *hunterwali*…..
    jhoote kahin ke ye tvc types ke add wale *devil* …. and the worst part is to sell the false claim, I remember that they did a test-drive of this product on a male’s hairy chest too.. *ooohh painful* *spank*

    1. Oh yeah! The male chest was the reason why I got it. But when I tried it on my upper lip, nothing came out of it. *headbang*

  4. DON’T BUY *nababana*
    1-they dont give all of the equipments
    2-they dont bother ur calls and requests and complains after handling neither do they give ur missing adapters or attachments. .pay ful and get nothing
    3- if u mistakenly play with it a little it burns away trust my expirience
    4-works but inky if u sit with ur kne hand for one complete hour. .it removes hair on ur smallest patch after fifteen minutes. .got load of time??!
    5-it does hurt u may get rashes or boils..
    Just fix ur appointment to ur saloon and pay ur worth dont waste ur money

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