5 Body Massage Oils- Khadi, Himalaya, Parachute, Johnson’s

Five body massage oils

Post pregnancy “maalish” is a norm in India and I totally think all women need and deserve it after the body feels drained with all the nine month span of hard work! In spite of being 26 years of age, a good time for conception and childbirth, I do feel very drained and weak on the road to recovery…body massage is proving to be of great help to strengthen muscles and alleviate body pain which is mainly muscular. These oils may be great for anyone especially dry skinned girls can use it before a shower for soft skin. my grandmoms preferred coconut oil for application on body in winters since they did not know of body lotions I guess. But for a change, body oils should be tried over lotions even though we can not wear them for long, just before bath can work magic for skin! I found these to be great cuticle oils as well. These oils are listed in order of my preference.

1. Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Body Oil: Enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic

parachute advansed ayurvedic body oil

ingredients.coconut:nourishes and moisturises; sandal relaxes and rejuvenates; saffron adds radiance and glow; manjistha makes skin soft and flawless.natural sandal fragrance and non sticky

My take: It is true to its non sticky claims though the smell may remind u of agarbatti.i like this product and would repurchase if needed(which I doubt considering I have so many oils :/ ) the ingredient list is too tempting! Gets absorbed very easily.Extremely affordable at Rs 39 only. I doubt the product availability but I picked it up in pune.

2. Himalaya Pain Massage oil: Sweet flag and Ginger:

Himalaya Pain massage oil

Relieves body aches and pains: A unique formulation that relieves body aches and pains. Contains sweet flag which has antiseptic and spasmolytic properties and ginger that’s is a stimulant with anti-inflammatory and rubefacient properties and cedarwood that has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that relieve muscular spasms

Directions for use: apply all over the affected area and gently massage if necessary.follow it with a warm shower.

Himalaya Pain massage oil

My take: It’s a great product with a very sweet mild fragrance. The claims are tempting and so are the ingredients. At Rs 60, it’s a great buy. When coupled with massage, its quite relaxing. The consistency is light and is just like baby oil.gets absorbed easily.although it does not have strong effect on pain like a pain balm, I think it has milder action with prolonged use.Again I doubt its availability but hubby discovered it in Chennai.

3. Olive Oil:

figaro olive oil

I randomly picked up these from a baby products shop. Liking it as of now. Just that I find it too thick for my normal skin.this one is dolce vita for 210 rs and Figaro for rs 94 for that bottle.i did not know of any other renowned brand so just picked up any. With what ever is left I wil try removing stubborn mascaras.

4. Johnson’s baby oil:

Johnsons baby oil

At least 8 friends have gifted us baby product sets for our daughter. The baby talc we now have will last us for ten babies but the baby oil can be put to better use 😀 like make up removal and massage (wicked mom :vampire: ) this particular one is from singapore and has some mild sweet fragrance to it and I felt may irritate baby skin. it gets absorbed easily.scared to use it for eye makeup removal due to the fragrance.

5. Khadi face and body massage oil with almond oil vitamin e oil sandalwood oil

Khadi face and body massage oil

Rejuventtes the skin removes black spots and gives a fairer complexion when used in pack.direction: massage all over and leave for ten minutes . longer the better a rich baby oil. A natural after shave lotion.

Ingredients: tulsi neem turmeric almond oil vit e oil sandalwood oil

Khadi face and body massage oil

My take: The smell is over the top and gives me chakkar and head ache. I bought it for the claims and just thought it’s a unique product.consistency is towards the thicker side and does not get absorbed easily.Theres is no way I am using it as a baby oil or on the face or in a pack as I have oily skin. my husband does not want to be the experimental subject for trial as an after shave. So before I throw it off sue to its smell, I thought I will give it a shot for body massage. I have no clue what vit e oil is. The multipurpose claims look pompous and the shabby label is an eye sore.At 160 Rs I would never buy it again! I am clue less whether they still have it as I find khadi to have different packaging at various places and I don’t know how many Khadi there are! Considering the smell, you can safely pass this oil.

Which is your favourite Body Massage Oil?

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53 thoughts on “5 Body Massage Oils- Khadi, Himalaya, Parachute, Johnson’s

  1. i have the swedish spa oil from oriflame and it just disappears in to the skin! can be used after bath as well, it’s that wonderful. i will recommend it for all skin types. i like the himalaya and parachute oils. will try them next. i use olive oil for the face but not all over the body. too sticky! the khadi oil looks an eyesore.

  2. I have used the khadi oil in past and you are right about the smell. It’s like an artificial sandalwood smell. I like Jonson’s baby oil and figaro oil. :toothygrin:

  3. i like jhonson baby oil fiagro olive oil sometimes seasame oil never tried parachute khadi and himalya….i think patanjali body massage oil is also good

  4. sooper compilation..!! i was a very informative post..!! i dint know abt the parachute and himalaya one at all!!!

    iv always wondered this one thing… if mineral oil is bad for even our skin how do “BABY” oils key ingredient is mineral oil ya! iv never understood this ever!! :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle:

    1. thanks neha im glad u liked it :-*
      ya mineral oil is dicey
      even livon has it so one of my friends doesnt use it
      n i use for eye make up removal too…

  5. not much of a body oil person and i might be the only person not to like massages !!!! 😐 😐 but i bought fabindia olive oil (they have almond also) and i very frequently use it for my face and makeup remover. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: i like the consistency….

      1. :tongue: :tongue: sadly i dont like it that way tooo….even during facials..am like ….can it get over soon… :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  6. Hey Neha I am sorry ,I cud’nt resist:
    So before I throw it off sue to its smell (last para) :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Nice reviewbtw ,I like using massage oils atleast in winters :))

  7. i had the himalaya one , it finsihed and dunno why i never got it again. i used to rub a little heated himalaya oil to feet and back to ease period pains, and it worked. :))
    anything from johnsons is a fav 😀 😀

  8. hey neha I use the khadi oil which has kesar..n dat is very gud.. :yes: :yes:
    very light,nice kesar smell n gets easily absorbed..i use figaro n sesame oil too..

  9. points to remember when buying any essential oil:

    >>never buy essential oils sold in plastic bottles

    Essential oils, whether diluted or undiluted, should not be stored in plastic containers because the chemicals in the oils will react with and partially dissolve the plastic, contaminating your blends.

    >>buy essential oils sold in dark coloured glass bottles

    Essential oils and aromatherapy blends should be stored in dark glass bottles or jars(brown, blue or green glass)for safe storage. Glass is an inert material and will not react with essential oils.sunlight causes the degradation of essential oils,
    hence the tint in dark glass protects the essential oils and carrier oils from reacting to sunlight(& electric light).As an added precaution, store your bottles containing aromatherapy blends in a dark cupboard and out of direct sunlight.

    sorry for the lengthy post :yelo:

    1. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: awesome!!! thanx nazia … the long post was worth it… :)) :)) :))

  10. Nice compilation Neha ! I had no idea about the parachute and himalaya body oils. I have read such good reviews abt khadi products..really wanted to try out the bath oils, Will definitely steer clear of this one…will try maybe the rose or sandal one.

  11. i use the fabindia seabuckthorn oil post bath and it feels amazing.. supple smooth skin.. mine is dry and the oil gets absorbed easily.. but i also use the african black soap which is super-drying so maybe that’s why my skin absorbs it so hungrily

  12. neha…gr8 compilation :waytogo: :waytogo:
    but i’ve never seen the parachute one…. the ingredients are so tempting :inlove:
    how s ur kiddo?

  13. hey 🙂
    vit e is vitamin e oil…i think khadi is the best out of the lot…the smell will go after sometime and also i take a bath after oiling..honestly i dont require moisturiser after it..and the smell gets toned down too…

    a lighter alternative is almond drops hair oil mixed in castor(sarson) oil 🙂

  14. Parachure massage oil was launched only for Maharastra region at the time of Diwali 2009 as they launched it as a regional brand and also for a limited festive time period. :waaa: :waaa: :headbang: :headbang:
    tooo bad :yikes:

  15. Hi Neha,

    Should these be used at the time of pregnancy or after birth,….can you do more articles on these kind of things please ……

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