Dior Addict 2 Eau De Toilette Review


Price : Rs. 6,130
Quantity : 100 ml.

Also available in 50 ml. for Rs. 4,300.

Hi everyone. I just love perfumes, especially floral/fruity ones, and my favourite fragrances are from Dior and also I have quite a few Elizabeth Arden perfumes (Fifth Avenue, After Five, Mediterranean, Pretty, Provocative Woman). I just love this beautiful, fresh-smelling perfume DIOR ADDICT 2. This is my all time favourite fragrance for summer time. I recently took this with me for a vacation, and we stayed at a hotel in Goa for 5 days. On the third day of our stay there, at the breakfast buffet, a lady came up to me and told me that she had been noticing this perfume on me for the past 3 days, and she just had to know which one it was ! WHENEVER I wear this, I am always asked what perfume I am wearing. Even though this is an EDT, it’s staying power is quite long-lasting .

Dior Addict 2 comes in a pink coloured shiny cardboard packing with Dior Addict printed on the side in red letters and the ‘2’ printed large and straight in glittery lettering. The bottle is a tall, transparent, pink bottle with a twist-to-spray-and-twist-to-lock cap (non-removable). I can’t make out if the perfume colour is light pink, or whether that’s the colour of the bottle, but IMO, the perfume is transparent and the bottle is light pink. Very pretty….pink is my favourite colour.


Dior says :

Inspired by the Dior Girly collection, this tangy fruity-floral incarnates a bubble of optimism and mischievous femininity for the innocently sexy girl. High-energy yet soft and playfully seductive, this fragrance sparkles with notes of citrus followed by a heart of delicate freesia and grenadine and a subtle white musk drydown.


Fruity Tangy Floral Girly attitude.


GRAPEFRUIT: Grapefruit essence is obtained by cold-pressing the peel of the fruit. It is used in citrus fragrances, to which it lends a fresh, piquant quality. This energizing ingredient is among the top notes of Higher Energy and Dior Addict 2.


FREESIA: The freesia is a perennial bulbous plant that is native to South Africa. Its delicate, luminous floral scent recalls jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose. Its mellow, almost fruity accents are to be found in the heart notes of Tendre Poison and Dior Addict 2.


WHITE MUSK: White musk is a synthetic ingredient which gives fragrances a clean, skin scent. An archetypal dry-down note, it can be found in Dior Addict Eau Fraîche and Dior Addict 2.

Here are the pics :


Perfume Terminology

The perfume industry has a unique language, and when you’re buying fragrances, you want to be 100% sure what the different names mean.

  • What’s the difference between “eau de toilette” and “eau de parfum”?
  • What’s does “Cologne” actually mean?
  • Is “cologne” always for men and “perfume” always for women?

Main terms :
Eau de Cologne (EDC)
Eau de Cologne is the term used today to refer to a perfume solution with around a 3% compound in an oil and water base. It’s the lightest of perfumes and, therefore the least expensive.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)
Eau de Toilette is a perfume solution with a 3-8% compound in an oil and water base. It has intermediate strength.

Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Eau de Parfum is a perfume solution with a 10-15% compound. It is stronger than the EDT.

Perfume, or “parfum”, has the highest concentration of oils, with a 25-50% compound, which makes it the most expensive of fragrance types. It also lasts much longer than others.

Interesting fact: Cologne is a city in Germany where the very first modern perfume, as we now know it, was produced. That was about 300 years ago, and it was called Eau de Cologne – a perfume made basically from citrus oils. If you want a classic brand of Eau de Cologne that’s about 200 years old, try Farina Gegenuber or 4711. Today, cologne is a word usually used to describe men’s fragrances, although many women fragrances come in “eau de cologne” versions, and they are not for men at all! They are just slightly weaker in fragrance concentration.

When we say “Fragrance” we usually mean “perfume”, but they’re not quite the same thing – fragrance is the scent of the perfume, while perfume is the actual product.

This product’s strength would be less than “Eau de Cologne”. Aftershave is a men’s toiletry product that could be classified as a cosmetic or a fragrance. It comes in the form of a lotion, a gel, or a balm. After shaving, men apply it for a few reasons: It makes the skin look smoother, soothes sensitive skin, closes the pores after shaving, and it serves as a light cologne. The cologne usually isn’t strong enough to interfere with the man’s primary cologne. In fact, there are some designer fragrances that have introduced aftershave that complements their fragrances.

To sum up this perfume in a few words, girls, I must go with what Dior says, that this is an “innocently-sexy” fragrance and the woman wearing this will definitely get a second glance. It’s extremely noticeable. I would have liked to declare this my signature perfume, but it’s just that I love so many of my other perfumes as well !!

All PROS and no CONS from me for this one.

I would also give it a  :star::star::star::star::star: rating.

Would I re-purchase it?


What is your favourite fragrance? It would be nice to know everyone’s choice of their favourite perfumes.


37 thoughts on “Dior Addict 2 Eau De Toilette Review

  1. great post!! :yes: :yes: my favourite would be Light Blue by D&G. but they test on animals. 🙁 so i dont think i can buy it again. 🙁

      1. i quite like it(extremely citrus-y ).. but the animal testing bit has left me hurt. i wont buy it again.. 🙂 i also love into the blue from escada! try that it has a little more spice to it.. 😀 very pretty!! :beauty: :beauty:

  2. Sabrina,
    A huge thanks 4 all that info.Now I have a clean concept over the fragrance terminology and composition. :rose:

    The packaging is adorable and totally speaks for the perfume :-)) .
    Looks like something worth investing in. :coins: :coins:

  3. I have Dior Addict, the regular blue bottle. I use in sparingly because it has a very strong fragrance. And even thought I usually use more fresh smelling perfumes I love Addict. I’m getting Addict 2 when I get a chance. Sounds lovely.

    My favourites are L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake, and Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. They are both very fresh smelling, pleasant and not too overpowering. I hate feeling like I have an aura of perfume around me, and these don’t do that.

    1. You know, Jennifer, I’ve been eyeing that Issey Miyake perfume ever since I tested it some time ago. Does anyone know whether we get Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes in India?

  4. Awesome reviews… I currently have d’infinite pour femme (eau de parfum) and Noa cacharel (eau de toilette)….I love em both !! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    Now, after reading this review by Dior…I am considering placing my hands on this one atleast!! Thanks again!! 🙂

  5. Fantastic and very informative post, Sabrina. I am not a perfume person but I guess Chanel no 5 would become my signature perfume. I would purchase it always and I am quite happy with just one or two bottles of perfume. i am not a perfume collector. 🙂

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