Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Universal Dark Brown Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil Review

Hello friends,

How are you doing today? I had amazing time with friends around; following a small scale fashion show and get together it was real fun to see how this world runs. Hopefully, we will get to see such events frequently. By the way today I am here to talk about my new product which is especially meant to groom the most important facial feature on our face, yes our eye brows. I am blessed with slight dark brown-black eye brows which do seem fine on their own but after admiring hot gals around with those arched chiseled features, I had to work on same. Needless to say those arched brows certainly make our round chubby face look much chiseled than before and I get more compliments whenever I work on brows and contour my nose mostly. lol. Recently I noticed Dior’s brow pencils which are currently available in two shades, namely, Universal and Universal dark brown shade. I picked the latter shade dark brown considering my natural black-brown brows. So let’s read more about this Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Universal Dark Brown Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil!

dior brow styler review_spoolie&pencil

Price: $29 for 0.0003 Oz, excludes shipping & tax

What it is:
Dior’s backstage inspired, ultra-fine precision brow pencil.

What it does:
This ultra-fine retractable pencil and brush provide simple and quick brow shaping. One universal shade works for any hair color or skintone for easily filling in and defining brows, creating a natural and polished or daring and dramatic look.

dior brow styler review_pencil

My Experience with Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Universal Dark Brown Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil:

The brow styler comes in a very attractive silver retractable packaging with a spoolie brush at one end and brow pencil at other end. Over all I find it pretty user friendly & travel friendly packaging.
The shade “Universal dark brown”, seems deep matte brown to me which easily blends onto my natural brows without looking typically brown. In fact it seems almost same color as that of my brows when blended onto skin.
I see that it does have slight waxy texture which obviously shows through my brows but a gentle brush stroke helps to get rid of waxy layer giving our brows close to natural look. Yes gals, I have experienced almost similar issues with almost every pencil, that the color is always prominently visible on our brows since the pencil presses our natural brow hair whichever area we fill in; hence I keep it as a last minute hack since it takes more practice to work with these waxy pencils than to simply fill in eye brows with a powdery eye shadow.

dior brow styler review_stick

I mean if you watch your brows closely after sweeping the pencil than you can easily see how they tend to leave a waxy residue on your brow hair and the residue looks like a pressed, clumped mass of hair, though the spoolie brush helps in blending and giving neat arched brows.

dior brow styler review_pencil&spoolie

However, for an impatient person like me, these pencils are bliss since we can never go wrong with them even if they leave a residue (when over done accidentally); we can easily correct it with a brush. The plus point is that the color camouflages our real brow shade perfectly giving our brows fuller, arched and much beautiful shape than before. This is the reason I am getting obsessed with neatly done eye makeup these days especially the brows.
Not to forget that the brow styler manages to stay for good 8+ hours on my brows; it seems a waterproof styler as I see the remnants of brow pencil on my skin even after rinsing off my face. In fact I do my brows at bedtime and I see naturally deep brown color on my brows by morning, the trick my makeup artist friend once told me.

dior brow styler review_swatch

Over all I really like this pencil just that I cannot ignore its waxy texture which sometimes bothers me since I have used It cosmetics brow power pencil and I see that it also helps with natural hair growth hence I am more inclined to that product. However, Dior show gives closer to natural results that no one can easily judge your look and it is very soft and smooth in application; I need not press it hard on my skin; just a gentle touch and feathering strokes give us perfect brows. Personally I might consider it again though the price is real tricky.
Let’s sum up pros and cons.

dior brow styler review_swatch2

Pros of Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Universal Dark Brown Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil:

• An ultra-fine retractable brow pencil for shaping eye brows.
• The shade is universal which self adjusts to our natural brow color somehow.
• It is a waxy textured pencil which is so soft and smooth in application without tugging pulling at all.
• It does not cause shedding or plucking of my brow hairs by any means.
• It stays put for good 8+ hours even on my oily skin.
• Its ultra-fine tip gives better finishing with light feathering strokes while shaping and filling in as well.
• The spoolie brush works well for blending in those hard lines apart from clearing the waxy residue from our brows.
• Quite user friendly & travel friendly packaging.

Cons of Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Universal Dark Brown Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil:

• Price.
• I am not sure if this shade suits lighter brow shades.
• It does seem slight waxy on brows which needs to be taken care of with a brush.
• It does need multiple strokes for visible color pay off.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Universal Dark Brown Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil: Well I have came across more or less similar issues with all pencils so far; hence, I am fine with these minor cons though the price is bothersome 😛 I might get it again for its close to real results while I recommend every Indian beauty to try it since the shade will suit most of our dark brows.

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One thought on “Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Universal Dark Brown Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil Review

  1. I have this pencil and I absolutely love it.
    I don’t have the ‘waxy residue’ issue that you’ve experienced but that’s probably because my brow hairs are not as dense as yours.
    The only huge turn-off is the quantity of the product (alias the price like you put it). The thing is, 29$ is not that expensive for a Dior pencil, but for that cash, you’d expect to get at least the average product quantity you find in any brow pencil. That pencil looks long and slender, giving the illusion that there is a decent amount in it. Truth is, I tried twisting it all the way up and was appalled by how little product there is in there. What you see in the first picture of the review is probably about the third of the actual product. Keep in mind that this is also a VERY fine pencil. So to sum it up, it has no thickness and no length :’D. This has got to be by far the most expensive brow pencil in terms of price/gram ratio (in this case, it should rather be mg =’D).
    The problem is that in my country, we don’t have any of the brands that make dupes for this (think of Anastasia, NYX, etc). So I will definitely repurchase, but will be preying on black Fridays and sales to seize it.

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