Dirty Works Life’s a Beach Coconut Body Scrub Review

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Summers are all about yummy popsicles, crop tops, tropical fruits and fun! I am not a big fan of coconuts but this scrub totally pulled me towards it. I did a little haul from Dirty Works and have already reviewed the mud mask. This scrub also belongs to the same brand. So let’s see how this tropical scrub made of coconuts worked for me.

Dirty Works Life’s a Beach Coconut Body Scrub Review

INR 750 for 200 ml
Product Description:
Get beach ready skin with this creamy Coconut body scrub. Containing nourishing Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils to soften and hydrate, Vitamin E to condition and Walnut Shell granules to gently exfoliate. Dull, dry skin is banished and a silky soft, beautiful glow is revealed!

Work a handful onto damp skin and gently massage in circular movements all over the body. Rinse and gently pat skin dry. Follow with lashings of the coconut Body Butter for the ultimate moisture makeover.

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My Experience with Dirty Works Life’s a Beach Coconut Body Scrub:

The coconut scrub comes in a super cute looking inverted tube in white with a lavender cap. The cap is a flip open one but does not harm my nails in any way. The tube has little stars, coconuts and coconut tree over it. The tube is loaded with the scrub but still is not that heavy, so we can easily carry it during travels. It sits nicely on my shelf and lets out the scrub very quickly due to the inverted packaging. I will give it 10/10 for the packaging because their packaging is their USP and they totally nailed it. Yes, the price is a little high but I wouldn’t use this everyday so it is okay.

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Consistency and smell:
The scrub is a creamy paste in white colour which looks just like coconut milk. It has little granules in it which look like walnut shell scrubby bits. The paste is thick but glides very smoothly on my skin during scrubbing. This works better on damp skin than on completely wet skin. The creamy part cleanses the skin and the scrubby bits exfoliate the skin.

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The scrub is very gentle and does not cause any irritation. It smells heavenly! I have never been a big fan of coconut fragrance but this one just smells like some creamy coconuts from Hawaii. It smells of fresh coconuts with a bit of salt and transfers me to a tropical island. It makes me feel like I am on a vacation. The scent lasts a little time on the skin and then fades away.

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The scrub nicely cleans my skin by cleaning all the dirt, impurities, and oily. My skin looks matte after using this and the oil is taken away. The oiliness gets replaced by a subtle glow. The scrubby bits exfoliate the skin very well leaving my skin soft, healthy looking and smooth. I can feel that my skin surface is even and silky. The moment I rinse it, I can feel the hydration. Yes it hydrates my skin very nicely but it fails to hydrate dry skin since my legs are super dry. But a lotion will do the work. A decent scrub to use once a week!

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Pros of Dirty Works Life’s a Beach Coconut Body Scrub:

• Fancy and cute packaging
• Travel-friendly and convenient to use
• Thick, creamy consistency that spreads easily
• Exfoliates my skin very well
• The coconut milk paste leaves my skin hydrated
• My skin feels very soft and silky
• The skin texture is smooth and even
• Smells very fresh of coconut milk
• Fragrance transfers me to a beach holiday
• Skin glows subtly

Cons of Dirty Works Life’s a Beach Coconut Body Scrub:

• Expensive
• A lot of quantity gets used up at once
• Not everyone will like the coconut scent
• Will not hydrate dry skin

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Dirty Works Life’s a Beach Coconut Body Scrub?
Yes, a really good body scrub to use once a week. But only pick it up if you like coconuts. I might not pick this again because there are so many new body scrubs that keep coming up!

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
More reviews from Dirty works coming up

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