DIY – 3 Makeup Setting Sprays

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How are you? I am on a shopping spree these days! As the New Year is approaching, you must be preparing for the New Year eve party. Today I will be talking about the makeup setting sprays that you can make at home.

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1. Rose water spray

• Rose water
• Aloe vera gel (or glycerin)

rose water spray

• Take ½ cup of rose water and mix it with one spoon of aloe vera gel. Although the gel does not dissolve easily with the water, it would get completely dissolved.
• Now you can pour this liquid in a spray bottle and use it before applying makeup. After spraying rose water spray, you will need to allow the face to dry naturally.

2. Glycerin spray
Glycerin works equally well like aloe vera gel and hence you can use it directly over face. Here is how you should make glycerin spray setting at home.

• Glycerin
• Any essential oil
• Distilled water

• Take 1 teaspoon of glycerin in a jar and add 3 spoons of water to it. Now mix both the ingredients together, till glycerin gets completely dissolved in water.
• Now add one table spoon of any essential oil which can be sweet almond oil, hazel oil or any other.
• Mix the solution again and transfer it to the spray bottle.
• Try storing your spray in the fridge for a little extra refreshment!

3. Aloe vera spray
Like the two mentioned above, you can also make aloe vera makeup setting spray with ease.

• 3 parts water
• 1 part aloe vera gel

• You need to fill about 1/4th of the spray bottle with 100% pure aloe vera gel.
• Now add some warm water to it so that it gets dissolved quickly in water. Leave the container undisturbed for some time and then shake it well before use.

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1. You can add few drops of vitamin e oil to extend the shelf life of the makeup setting spray.
2. If you feel your skin is too dry, then add few drops of argan oil or glycerin for a dewy glow that will last all day long.
3. If you want to add fragrance to the spray, you can add in a drop or two of lavender oil or your favorite essential oil to the setting spray.

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