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Today I am sharing a new DIY recipe for great hair. During fall season like our skin, hair also becomes little rough and dry. And dry hairs needs extra nourishment with some healthy hair foods. Whatever type of hair you have, it almost suits for all hair types. Here I am using some very common ingredients; they all are available in your kitchen. This is a great hair pack for dry frizzy hair. It also repair hair from roots and makes them strong. If you have really frizzy hair then please try to avoid hair styling tolls and use this once in a week and oil your hair thrice in a week. Overall the procedure makes your hair strong and less frizzy. Let start the procedure.

Frizzy Hair pack

Ingredients you will need:

DIY Hair Pack for Healthy Hair 2

Egg: Eggs contain proteins that promote hair growth and makes hair strong. The egg contains all the major essential vitamins that make the hair glossy, shiny and smooth. Egg yolk also prevents hair breakage and control hair loss. Egg helps to improve hair texture and gives the best nutrition for hair.

Banana: Banana is rich of natural oils and vitamin. It keeps hair soft healthy and soft. Banana makes hair really shinny. It provides a natural glow and makes them damage free. It can control hair loss and prevent breakage.

Yogurt: The moisturizing properties of yogurt are great for hair conditioning. It also prevents hair growth. It repairs dry and damaged hair and helps to gain moisture. It provides a natural shine to the dull hair and keeps scalp moisturize. It provides enough hydration to stop hair brakeage.

Green Tea: Green tea is rich of anti oxidants. It keeps hair smooth and healthy. It can control hair fall and encourage hair growth.

Amla Powder: Amla powder plays an important role in making hair healthy. It makes hair strong a great for hair growth. Eventually it also works as an anti dandruff ingredient. It can deal with various hair problems like dull, rough hair, dry scalp, hair loss, split ends, etc. And it acts as a good hair cleanser.


DIY Hair Pack for Healthy Hair 3

• Take one full egg. Now add 2 table spoons of yogurt and banana paste (half of banana) into it. Combine all of them nicely. For a smooth paste you can use a blender. It helps to make a fine paste of all the ingredients.

DIY Hair Pack for Healthy Hair 4

• Now add 2 table spoons of Amla powder. It takes quite time to dissolve properly.

• During the blending add some green tea (quantity as per your choice) to blend the mixture quickly.

DIY Hair Pack for Healthy Hair 5

• Here I like to add few drops of olive oil. It makes hair more nourished.

• Now keeps the pack for 10mins. And after that apply with a hair brush all over your scalps and hair. Leave the pack for 1hr and rinse with your shampoo. I prefer shampoo over plain water. Because I am not a fan of smell of egg.

DIY Hair Pack for Healthy Hair 6


DIY Hair Pack for Healthy Hair 7

I have straight thin long hair. It generally looks silky but after experimenting with hair styles it has become so damaged. I have faced so much of hair fall and it looks dull. If I look bad it’s ok for me, but I can’t see my bad hair. I had tried so many shampoos but they only give shine for few days. I need them to be strong and healthy. I love to use egg in various ways. This is actually my one of the favorite ways. I know it is quite long procedure, but trust me it is the most beneficial way. I love to apply this once in an alternative week. I usually like to apply a different hair mask in another week.

First off all it is quite easy to apply but yah it’s quite hard to remove the banana from hair. It can be solved with a fine hair brush. But this is an amazing hair mask. It contains all the ingredients which are our hair actually needs. This hair mask makes my hair soft and smooth. Egg and amla makes hair strong from roots and control hair fall issue. Yogurt provides an amazing moisture and keep them hydrated. I also add few drops of olive oil for the smoothness and also it helps to remove the excess banana left into hair. I have noticed less hair fall after using this hair mask since 1 month. The softness and smoothing effects can be shows after wash but you should definitely wait for the best result for hair fall. Overall I feel so good. Now try this at home. I hope it will also help you. Enjoy  

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7 thoughts on “DIY Hair Pack for Healthy Hair

  1. Wow… U hv beautiful hair.. Try adding only 1 single drop of vanilla essence into the pack to avoid the smell of eggs..
    I have used the banana+egg+curd combination once on my hair.. couldn’t agree more on this with you.. it does a wonderful job…
    Next time I will add amla powder too and will apply it on the scalp..
    Thanks for sharing… 🙂

    1. Thanks shruti. And that’s a really good idea to avoid the smell.. I will definitely add some vanilla next time. 🙂 🙂

  2. Wow. U have gorgeous hair. M sure this will work for me as there are so many great ingredients.
    But, can we apply this on oiled hair? Or without oiling, cuz i always oil my hair before shampoo.

    1. Actually oil can close the roots of your hair. Also drits are easily sticked into hair. And the actual hair mask doesn’t work properly. So I always prefer to use any hair mask without oiling. If you are a oil loving person then add some extra oil into your mask. It will works good like a oiling hair. Also makes your hair super soft after shampoo.

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