Dolce & Gabbana Passion Eyes Mascara Review, EOTD

Claims : Transform your lashes with Dolce&Gabbana Passioneyes Duo Mascara. A flexible, lightweight formula and tailored brush deliver impeccably curled lashes and spectacular volume for a truly mesmerizing look.

Price : USD 29.50
– Two-in-one curling and volumising mascara
– Tapioca polymers help hold lashes in place
– Glycerine helps condition lashes and creates incredible curl
– Curved brush coats and curls lashes with precision
– No need for a lash curler
– Buildable formula enables different looks
– Fragrance-free
– Available in 3 opulent shades. (black, brown, blue)

My Experience with Dolce & Gabbana Passion Eyes Mascara
I have been using this mascara for almost a month now and every time I use it, I always end up with a bit of meh! experience.

Passion Eyes Mascara comes in this gorgeous gold tube. There is D&G embossed on the cap. The mascara wand is bent in a curve and has short bristles. The shorter bristles help in coating every single lash. I am not sure how a curve in the wand helps. I use some amazing mascaras with a straight wand and I actually prefer them over a bent shape.

It comes in 3 colors- black. brown and blue. I have it in the shade black and it is an okay black- neither too intense nor too light. It’s a nice glossy black that looks quite natural on the lashes.

The formula is creamy and not very thick. It is a very long wearing mascara. I have sometimes worn it for more than 10 hours and it has never caused any feathering or smudging. It comes off easily with an eye makeup remover. It nicely separates the lashes and does not make them crunchy. It also feels very light on lashes and holds the curl beautifully.

I feel it adds decent length to the lashes. But I was expecting a bit more length, volume, drama and everything i expect out of a mascara. This is more like an everyday mascara, makes your lashes look natural but there is no WOW! factor to it.

So it’s like nice but I wouldn’t recommend it to you unless you want that clean everyday natural kind of lashes. I feel that are better mascaras out there that could give you better results. This was quite a pass for me.

Rating : 2.8/5
dolce gabbana passion eyes mascara review




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  1. You actually tend to expect a good return when you are splurging such a hefty amount. Anyway, Your eyes look so clean( I really mean it).
    P.S. Any chance of us getting a random Monday post on Faux-pas!! 😉

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