Dove Damage Therapy Dryness Care Conditioner Review

Dove damage therapy dryness care conditioner review:

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After a tiny break am back to do my favorite job of experimenting with products and letting you all know about it 🙂

I have already reviewed the dove damage therapy shampoo earlier,
You can see it here: link


More about dove from their website here

They as I can see are offering a shampoo and conditioner only in the dryness care range.
Other ranges also have serums and masks.

About the shampoo-It disappointed me in great measures as it did nothing what promised on the bottle. So while picking up this conditioner from the same brand but a different treatment line (dryness care) I was a little apprehensive.

But I went ahead and picked this up for me and my mum to use.

Firstly I’ll tell you about my mother’s opinion; she unlike me dyes her hair very often.Hence, her hair is exposed to more chemicals than mine any day. But her natural texture is better than mine so products which don’t suit me suit her well to a certain degree.

She loved this conditioner. She loved it so much then when our cosmetic store did not have this the next time we went to buy the 2nd bottle she yelled at him for not keeping one single tube of such a lovely conditioner she had found after so long.

I couldn’t help but laugh as my mother is not this finicky about conditioners or anything cosmetic for that fact.


Seeing her reaction I used this conditioner 4 times in a row without switching the shampoo and regime to see its results and let me tell you the results were bizarre.
I loved it. I adored it. I was absolutely in love with this tube.
It had done for me what only intense repair masks would do to my hair. Or some salon treatment.

As I had messed up my hair by rebonding them over and over again and not taking good care of it, this conditioner just seemed to repair it all.

My hair tips are where I judge from whether the product has worked for me or not. I saw no split ends, some shine and ample moisture. Even when I blow dried them later the frizz was minimized and the ends seemed to just drink the conditioner up. They were not rough anymore.

It didn’t feel that they were undernourished and had gone through so much of abuse.

This conditioner just gave them a moisture shoot and replenished my ends beautifully.

I still was not sure even though it had worked for me and my mum I asked my friend anisha to try it for me. Even she has once rebonded her hair and hence the same dry bad dull hair problem.

Her results were thumbs up too. The dove damage repair conditioner dryness therapy did a great job in adding shine to her treated hair as well.

So I summarize by saying it has worked on:

• My mum’s often colour treated hair
• Anisha’s once rebonded thin in texture shoulder length hair
• My super damaged and dry twice rebounded and neglected waist length hair

Pros of dove damage therapy conditioner dryness care:

• Finally I do think that the shampoos being such a disappointment their conditioners have proved their one fourth moisture infusion part.
• My hair is nourished and detangled after use.
• The effect can be seen just after one use, you need not wait like most products for consequent uses.
• The smell is nothing chemically – a pleasant delightful dove smell.
• The tube is the most easy to use packaging in shower and travel.
• Mrp 125 with a new discount making it 105.I’ll get 10 tubes for this good price and this great product.
• Hair is shiner.
• Softer in texture.
• Visibly repaired in a saloon like treatment
• Is a bliss for treated hair
• Normal coin size needed for even longer hair length
• If you put it on and let it stay for half an hour or more it acts more like a mask and in the usual 5 minutes after shampoo it does the basic conditioning job. Dual purpose. 🙂
• Dove is available even at the kiryana store. he he
• I am on my fourth tube and will stick to it unless I find something better in this price range

Cons of dove damage therapy dryness care:

• Dove tests on animals.

Rating of 4 on 5 it would have a 5 if they DID NOT test on animals.

Have you used Dove Damage Therapy Dryness Care Conditioner? Please rate in the box below

Love all
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19 thoughts on “Dove Damage Therapy Dryness Care Conditioner Review

  1. Me have used it, twice or thrice last year, i liked it first thrn it sort of made my hair very limp, so left iy, aur abhi I use it to condition my face brushes ! 😀

  2. Dove tests on animals?!?!?!?! :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
    but i love the dove intense repair range…. have been a loyal user for the past 2 years and i have used everything… from their shampoo to conditioner to hair mask to serum to intense night repair serum…. everything…
    anything new they launch in the interse repair range (deep blue wala range) i just grab everything O:) O:) O:)

  3. i dont like dove shampoo…….but conditioner is really good……….i use this but hair fall wala green one :haanji:

  4. I have used this dryness care previous version i was good bt scalp used to get oily after a day and so more dandruff
    Hmm will have to try the new one though

  5. I am currently using their daily shine shampoo & conditioner & I am liking them both. But yes, hair do tend to get oily in 2 days but then I do shampoo every third day , so no issues!!

  6. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: all.yes but i agree it does weight down the hair a lil

  7. I just bought dryness care shampoo and conditioner …^^

    Hoping that it will make my broomstick of a hair soft and smooth =)

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