Dove Intense Damage Therapy- Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Dove Intense Damage Therapy- Shampoo and Conditioner Review

My hair is chemically treated (Japanese straightening…yes, the results for me were scarier than a Japanese horror film!) and suffers from extreme brittleness, dryness and evil EVIL split ends. I tried Parachute Coconut oil to fix these issues, but it takes a while to see results with that and I needed a quick fix!

Dove Hair Therapy System

No prince charming is climbing up my hair anytime soon! Perhaps Dove will help? I decided to give Dove Intense Damage Therapy a try, why? Because I like their ads, (the whole real women, real beauty campaign appeals to my vaguely feminist ideas) and it was cheap. Also, I believed that a product with a name like Intense Damage Therapy, a product promises to definitely pack some punch.

The Product(s):

Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo

Dove Intense Damage Therapy Conditioner

According to the products’ website ( the shampoo and conditioner carefully repair accumulated damage, which is the real reason for hair breakage and spilt ends. Dove Intense Damage Therapy System

Packaging and Price: The products come in an all over deep blue oval-shaped bottle (the packaging for USA has now changed to a sleek white). Conditioners range from Rs 69 (90ml) to Rs 125 (180ml) and Shampoos cost Rs 64 (100ml), Rs. 115 (200ml) and Rs 199 (400ml). The shampoo and conditioner each are available for around $5 (varies from store to store) for the amount of 12 fl oz or 355 ml in the US. I got mine even cheaper than that.

Application: I wash my hair every other day, which averages to 3-4 times a week. In the shower I apply shampoo just once then squeeze out the water, apply the conditioner, leave on for a few minutes and rinse. I then pat dry my hair and apply a serum like CHI Silk Infusion or John Frieda. This is the regimen I followed while using the product, only I skipped the serum because I wanted to see how the products work by themselves.

Upon application:

  • The product smells really good, it’s like a fresh, clean smell. Plus my hair smells divine after using the product. It reminds me of concentrated Johnson’s Baby Powder smell.
  • The consistency of the shampoo is a little thinner than other shampoos I’ve used and in my hand it feels pretty “light.” When I tilt my hand it slides of easily.
  • The conditioner is only a little thicker than the shampoo. If I don’t squeeze my hair out nicely before putting it on, it glides off my hair.
  • Immediately after washing my hair feels soft (like the cuticles are all smoothed down).
  • I lose a lot less hair when I wash the product out. That is probably because the product moves around so easily, there’s no pulling or tugging while putting the product in or washing it out.
  • I really don’t feel the need to use the serum with the shampoo and conditioner.
  • It contains sodium laureth sulphate, which has been talked about a lot on this forum. The shampoo I was using before this is sulphate free. This foams more than my first shampoo, but it washes out pretty easy and my hair isn’t rough when I wash the shampoo out, like it is when I use other sulphate containing shampoos.
  • My hair feels incredibly soft, smooth and overall amazing.
  • My hair is actually shiny after use, which doesn’t happen with my normal shampoo and conditioner until I use serum afterward.
  • On day two (the day I skip washes), my hair is very oily when I wake up in the morning.
  • On day two my scalp is itchy and there is a lot of buildup on it; by evening I feel like have to wash my hair again.
  • And my hair falls limp and is totally flat, especially at the roots.
  • By the third days morning my hair looks like I’ve applied tel in it!


Wow, this system is such a hit-miss for me. My hair feels amazing for like the first 24 hours and then it all goes downhill. I also was breaking out more when using this product, probably from all that oil. I have to add that I already have an oily scalp, prone to buildup, so this product just made it worse!

I was really really surprised that the same thing happened over and over again. The shampoo works like a miracle on the first day! It smoothes out the hair, the split-ends are smoothed too so their appearance is greatly minimized but it just doesn’t stay that way for too long. The only problem is that it just doesn’t last. To be honest I felt like Cinderella at the ball…when the clock strikes 12 L

It’s a good thing I bought this product cheap because I really won’t risk using it. I would though recommend it to someone that has dry hair and doesn’t have any oil issues like me. Normally my hair gets oily by the second day after washing, but if you’re the type that can do with 2-washes a week on regular shampoo, you should most definitely give this product a shot! I just can’t seem to get my head wrapped around this healthy hair thing! Dove Hair Therapy System Source:

Can you share your favorite products with me?

My Rating: :star: (Below expectations, but not awful)

Today’s Pick is Crepe Paper Necklace. Isn’t this fun? 🙂


59 thoughts on “Dove Intense Damage Therapy- Shampoo and Conditioner Review

        1. :rotfl: We all are the if my hubby sees me taking any extra interest in my skin/hair care routine..he knows I am planning to go out with my friend. According to him, she is the only one I am bothered about impressing now!!!!

      1. @ Mrunmayee… Biweekly Henna application seems like a lot of work! How do you do yours? Isn’t henna by itself supposed to be drying…? Do you mix something into it? I’d like to know.

        @ Neha & Radhika… I didn’t realize so many of you are happily married! It’s interesting cause I’ve always heard that women dress up and deck up more for other women than more men…so Neha your hubby must be on to something here!

  1. Same here, I have never been attached to any shampoo so strongly. I do a oil massage once a week and do a regular shampoo and conditioning. That;s about it.

    I however liked the brown Dove. It was meant to stop hair fall. It worked pretty well for my hair. 🙂

    What is Japanese straightening? ?:-)

    1. i quite like the dove ones in fact
      the one in light blue for dry hair is amazing!
      dove products are great for dry hair….better than any shampoo in the market
      and the results are immediate…at least for dry hair

      1. You know I had a hair fall with white dove. I didn’t realize it until I almost finished the bottle. 🙁 Then I tried brown Dove and it worked well for my hair. these days I am using Loreal repair 5 but I guess that has also stopped working now. Sigh!!

            1. You know I quite liked the first few times I used it but it has just stopped working now. My hair look sad after washing my hair. no shine, no bounce nuffing. 🙁

    2. Japanese straightening is not like rebonding. If I’m not wrong, it’s sometimes referred to as keratin treatment. The difference is that you get hair that looks naturally straight. It’s supposed to last for a good 6 months to a year. It won’t look dead straight like rebonding.

      If I remember correctly, the procedure is something like this (takes a good 2-3 hours in the hair saloon ;)):

      1. They wash your hair.
      2. They apply some chemical.
      3. Then they wash your hair and dry it.
      2. Then they iron it.
      3. Then they apply a kind of cream on it..which is left on for awhile.
      4. Then they wash it off.

      I have done it a few times and it works wonders for my hair because I have very thick hair that is wavy and not easily manageable. If I do Japanese straightening, I can wash my hair, air dry it, comb it, and leave the house. It makes my hair look less and very neat; helps with winter frizziness a lot.
      .-= Fieran´s last blog ..And a Beautiful Saturday It Was =-.

      1. @ Fieran… That’s exactly what I had done. The +ive’s were that it looks VERY natural when it dries, not stick straight. And like you said, I can let it air dry and be out of the house in no time and effort. On the downside, it’s left my hair a complete mess. My ends are dry, I have a LOT of splitends and it keeps falling out in bunches. I had really thick hair before I got it done, but now i’ve lost about a third of it in just 4 months! It’s crazy.

        I’m guessing everybody’s hair reacts differently to it. It just didn’t work well for me in the long run.

        Also I just read in Women’s Health for this month that some of these treatments (hair straightening) contain Formaldehyde. The chemical considered to be a carcinogen, irritates the lung and eye tissues, and might cause mutations in cellular DNA.
        I don’t know if Japanese Hair Straightening contains Formaldehyde, but there is a good chance it does.

        @ Rati I think it got it’s name cause the process was created in Japan 😛

        1. omg, i experienced the same thing that happened to devika. i have a really thick hair before i got that treatment TWICE. I really love the effects after the the process but it seems to make my hair fall problem become more WORSE 😥 now I’m trying the new dove therapy for hair fall.. cant see the changes yet and the is this the first time I’m using shampoo and conditioner that are quite cheap actually, just wanna try something new. I took quite a long time choosing between dove and pantene.. before this I’m using loreal kerastase and it has been 6 years actually and it works well on my hair but the price is getting higher and higher and i have to stop using it due to financial issue.. :pain:

  2. When I was using Dove, I was using the white shampoo and the blue conditioner. Regular combinations didn’t work for me..trial and error..found this combo which is what worked for me. My hair looked and felt amazingly soft – but I get a dandruff problem whenever I use regular shampoos. Plus I feel its just a coating on the hair to make it look glossy and healthy. Have switched to Lush..happy with it so far. As for repairing my hair..I have naturally dry hair, and I have to just learn to be happy with it..I do regular coconut oil massages though so no split ends 🙂 And monthly hennas..tho after reading planning to be more disciplined about this!

  3. hi radhika…
    which lush shampoo do u use and hw is it?any suggestions foe combination hair….that is oily scalp and dry hair….????

    1. Oily scalp, dry hair – Cynthia Sylvia meant for dry hair and will definitely clean up an oily scalp. Rehab is also meant for dry hair..I haven’t tried it myself though, so no idea about how good it is at clearing up an oily scalp.

      I use I Love meant for oily hair…but the reason I use it is I never wash my hair without a good parachute oil massage, so I need something to take it off my head!!

  4. You definitely need a conditioner after these shampoos..guess you can go with your regular conditioner. I use Retread from Lush. If you do try out any of these, go with the smallest size bottle or a sample if they do give that.

    1. I’ve been using Lush’s New shampoo bar and loving it! My hair fall has reduced a bit and I really like the smell of cinnamon in New. I use the American Cream conditioner with it, and it smells really good but doesn’t do much for my hair. Lush shampoos and conditioners don’t contain silicones, which tend to irritate my scalp a lot, so I’ve switched to non-silicone products now.

  5. m sooo much loving my dove white bottle these days…
    but the thing is i always apply curd before that…
    earlier i was hooked to loreal liss ultime shampoo and conditioner and then i use to apply loreal tech leave in cond. and loreal tech serum
    that was quite a big routine for my dull frizzy hair
    but somehow i discovered that if i apply sour curd and wash with simple dove shampoo it gives amazing results my all loreal stuff are waiting to get the much need attention but m sorry guys m loveing my DOVE these days….

  6. Devika,
    Good review of a very commonly used and liked shampoo.I have used all the varieties of Dove shampoo.I used them on a regular basis till 5-6 months back.I have used the Indian version of the Dove shampoo(I guess the formula must be the same for India and US) that you have reviewed.This particular damage therapy(that’s what it is called in India) did not work well for me.My hair is not damaged in any way but it is a bit dry.I bought this shampoo because I used the other varieties of Dove and was more or less satisfied with them so thought of trying this out.This shampoo did not soften or smoothen my hair like the other Dove ones.In fact,it dried out my dry hair even more.Actually haircare and skincare products can be tricky.With Dove shampoos I discovered that there might be one particular variety of shampoo from one brand which might not suit your hair well while other varieties may work perfectly well for you.

  7. I’ve used the light blue, brown n dark blue all 3 of the Dove shampoos except for the White Daily one…

    Used the breakage therapy for some time which worked well after and also the dry therapy which worked fine too for quite some time after which I noticed increased hair fall and extreme dryness in my hair, infact at times my hair didnt even feel washed after a head bath!! So I tried the dry one and the hairfall one but that didnt seem to work at all thats when I stopped using Dove at all….I have heard a lot of ppl complain of hairfall w Dove Shampoo and I’ve experienced in the past that after some time the shampoo which was working soo brilliantly on your hair just stops working the same way!!!!! I have a huge bottle of the hairfall shampoo and 11/2 tubes of conditioner lying with me which I now use for washing my makeup brushes!!!

    For my hairfall I tried the Loreal Repair 5 which worked to some extent but not completely….currently using Loreal Professional shampoo which didnt work for hairfall (for which i hv been using Kaya Gel which seems to be working) but as a shampoo works very well on my hair…leaves my hair soft and very much in control (My hair is kind of volumious n unmanagable at times)

    Phew….long comment!!!!

  8. I read some where that silicone based shampoos never do justice to your hair..just give a temporary bounce and ultimately makes it limp..I discontinued using dove (mine was the pearly orange bottle) hair became limp, sticky and it felt good only after 2-3 hours of shampooing..which means i had to shampoo hair!!!! I used half the bottle and gave away the rest for car wash… :laugh:

  9. I too used the Dove hair fall shampoo for some time, but it made my hair very oily, and I already have extremely oily hair (and skin). Since Dove claims it contains 1/4 moisturising cream in all its products, I guess this the reason for the extra oiliness. Now I have started using L’oreal Mirror Shine Gloss shampoo (a pink bottle) and it is working wonders for my hair and I dont see any extra oil build-up until after 1 1/2 days, which is really great for me.

  10. Hey.. can anyone tell me where can I purchase the “Dove Hair fall therapy Serum” not the shampoo or conditioner. I cant find it anywhere in Delhi. Does Dove have retail outlets??? Please help!

  11. Hello All,

    I had nice long hair but now due to change of place my hair is falling alot since past 2 yrs and has almost reduced to half. I wanted to know which shmapoo is good. because my hair is falling due to excess tangling. I don’ t know what to do 😥 I was using Dove dark blue bottle, then switched to i dont remember what, then tried vatika black, didnt work….then tried clinic all clear gloss….it did work for sometime 😀 but i dont know what went in my head tried diff clinic all clear and thr you go my hair starting falling again :reallyangry: now using V05 alberto’s shampoo……it’s a very mild shampoo which is not helping much. I am planning to shift back to Dove. Dont knw which one to use now. dont want ot keep changing shampoos :heh: Can you help me find the perfect dove shampoo (in India) My hair is dry, frizzy, hell lots of tangles and wavy…..not straight. very senstive.

    Thank you


  12. Please suggest a shampoo for dry, wavy hair with split ends..I have already tried L’oreal repair 5…HATED IT..although I loved the one for frizzy hair (don’t remember the name).

  13. I wan to go for rebonding, but I have read alot of artiles on net about the side-effects. Although, people around me who have undergone the procedure are happy with the results…
    Please help….I have dry, wavy & frizzy hair.& A LOT OF SPLIT ENDS…… 🙁

  14. Has anyone tried L’oreal Professional Force Vector Shampoo ?? my saloon referred me this shampoo .. says i have fragile hair but I am not quiet sure about it … its a 400 Rs shampoo and with my long locks i do not wish to experiment a new shampoo … happy with the himalaya (except that it does not lather 🙁 )
    If anyone has tried Force Vector please let me know if it is worth spending 400 bucks for ??
    Dove does not do a thing for me my hair gets back oily within a day and gets limp 🙁

  15. I have oily scalp & dry hair…presently suffering from severe dandruff n hairfall…I generally use Johnson’s baby shampoo n Dove conditioner(deep blue bottle)….planning to change it as my hair has become totally lifeless & dull….Can anyone suggest me a good pocket-friendly shampoo & conditioner that’d be easily available in India?

  16. I am using dove damage theraphy shampoo for last 1 year. I hair never stoppped falling moreover recently i m realizing there is lots of breakage…….

  17. i’am using dove shampoo since last month. :haanji: ………it feels better than sunsilk……
    but i think i’am not getting thick and long hair from dove. only satisfactory issue is my hair is smoother than ever :preen:

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