Dove Sunshine Body Lotion

Dove Sunshine Body Lotion

Hey Ladies,

In this article, I am reviewing the Dove tanning lotion for fair to normal skin type. I have seen this bottle sitting in my mother’s bathroom and decided to give it a try. You can get this at a lot of drug stores.

Dove Sunshine Body Lotion



When I opened the bottle, I noticed the dried lotion around the opening and it looked brownish. When I saw that, I knew that this lotion is going to be giving me a nice tan.  The smell isn’t bad at all for a tanning lotion, but it doesn’t smell amazing either, it’s in between.

Dove Sunshine Body Lotion

When I applied this on my legs and arms, it went on very smoothly. It says to wait till the lotion is dried out completely before putting on clothes.  I applied this every day after moisturizing my body and it took 3 days before I noticed a huge difference. I had a beautiful brown tan, not extremely dark, but very noticeable. I didn’t notice any spots and unevenness which is a huge plus!

I do not recommend applying this on the face.  They actually have a tanning lotion extra made for the face. The tan doesn’t go away very easily unless you exfoliate your skin.

Dove Sunshine Body Lotion

Pros of Dove Sunshine Body Lotion:

  • Doesn’t fade away quickly.
  • Gives you a beautiful natural tan.
  • Smell is okay.
  • Price is good for the quality.
  • Very easy to apply.
  • Doesn’t leaves any streaks.

Cons of Dove Sunshine Body Lotion:

  • I couldn’t find anything.

Last Word on Dove Sunshine Body Lotion:

If you are looking for a cheap but good tanning lotion, you may want to give this one a try. I am glad I did because I will keep purchasing this in a darker shade. I think if you buy the darkest shade, that you get a darker tan faster. I don’t know if that made sense 😛 Anyway, thank you ladies for reading my post.

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18 thoughts on “Dove Sunshine Body Lotion

      1. One of my friend in US uses St Topez mousse ,have u tried that one too ?

        She also tried Jergens natural glow body express fair to medium it was fine builds gradual tan … but after few applications she told its kinda orange..posted some pics so we all commented on FB ..haha

        Hey does Dove turn u orange ??

  1. This review reminds of 1 episode of F.R.I.E.N.S. “The one with Ross’s Tan” Lol.. 🙂 it was hilarious.. anyway nice review Sahar 🙂

  2. tan? 🙁 like purposeful tan? :'( i surrender my melanocytes to you for getting super tanned!! here am i trying to detan myself 😛 😛

  3. I want this so bad. I want tanning lotions in india too 🙁
    Im so pale during winter it scares me. I like having a bit of colour on me.

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