How To Make Refreshing Face Spray/Facial Mist at Home

How To Make Refreshing Face Spray/Facial Mist at Home

Hello Gorgeous Ladies,

How To Make Refreshing Face Spray Facial Mist at Home

Today, I will be penning down simple steps to make a summer must have, your own face spray or facial mist at home. With the onset of summers, a refreshing face spray is a treat for your face. Just spritz it on when your face feels dehydrated. This is a simple method using simple ingredients. You can just make it, store it and spray it on! So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Things you will need:

  • Rose petals.

Benefits to the skin:  Balances, purifies and tones the skin, gives a cooling sensation to the skin. It helps to maintain moisture balance of facial skin and not to forget it smells heavenly!

  • Mint sprigs.

Benefits to the skin:  Mint acts as a coolant and helps in dealing with skin irritation.

Rose and mint

    • Glycerin.  Benefits to the skin:  Glycerin helps in restoring the water levels in your skin and prevents dryness of your skin.


    • Eucalyptus oil.  Benefits to the skin:  Eucalyptus oil has anti-bacterial properties and has a rejuvenating aroma. Its rejuvenating properties aid in getting relief from sluggishness.

eucalyptus oil

  • Spray bottle/spritzer.

Steps For Making Face Spray At Home:

Ratio of ingredients: 2 cups water : 3 roses : 6-7 mint springs : 1 teaspoon glycerin : 2 drops of eucalyptus oil.

1. Boil water depending upon the quantity of liquid you want to make and pour it in a glass bowl or vessel.
2. Add rose petals and mint leaves in this bowl of hot water and cover the bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes.

rose and mint

3. Now, strain out the water to remove the petals and mint leaves to get a concoction which will be the base of our facial mist. It will have a pretty pink color.


4. Let the concoction cool down completely to room temperature and then add a few drops of eucalyptus oil and stir the mixture.  *You can add other essential oils as per your choice. Eucalyptus oil mixes well with lavender, rosemary, pine, and cedarwood essential oils.

add glycerin

Eucalyptus oil

5. Pour this liquid in a spray bottle and voila! Your facial mist is ready. Store this in refrigerator before use.

Face Mist

P.S.: You can also use an empty perfume bottle but make sure to clean it thoroughly before use because you wouldn’t want any leftover perfume on your face.


Hold the bottle a little away from your face and just spray it on your face and wipe off with a cotton ball and instantly you will feel refreshed and alert. You can even leave it on for some time and let it soak in or dry on its own.

Final Verdict:

You can use this facial spray a couple of times during the day when your face needs attention and moisture. You will instantly feel refreshed, energized and cool. The essential oils give a soothing aroma which lingers on for quite some time. The best part is that is very easy to make and store. The ingredients used are readily available and do not harm your skin in any way as they are all natural. A single batch can be used for 15 days and should be stored in a refrigerator for maximum amount of time. When you are on the go, take it out of refrigerator and you are good to go with a spray on which will rejuvenate your skin instantly. You can also use it for spraying on cotton pads and using as eye patches to relax your eyes. This will be good for your dark circles as well.  Since it is so easy to make, you can make it once a week and store for the entire week. Trust me, once you spray it on, you will realize how simple ingredients can give your skin that much needed boost of hydration during summers. So, go ahead ladies, spray on and rejuvenate your senses this summer!

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44 thoughts on “How To Make Refreshing Face Spray/Facial Mist at Home

  1. Mayuri!!! Another fantastic make at home recipe! I might try adding lavender flowers to the hot water and see what happens! :-))

    1. Thanks Aruna! 🙂 do try with lavender and share your experience 🙂 i just added rose because it is good for oily skin as it tighten pores 🙂

  2. Had to be you Mayuri 🙂 Awesome!!..i’m gonna try this..i’ll skip eucaltyptus and use lavender or sum citrusy essential oil.. 🙂

  3. thnx for the post mayuri!!! i have never used a facial spray. but this surely looks so tempting and easy…. will try it out today itself…..

    1. haha!! thanks for calling me an expert.. 🙂 well i like experimenting with stuff and i share what works good.. 🙂 thanks for the lovely comment and for checking out my other posts..

  4. nice thing is easy availability of products and less time consuming…keep on tellin things like this..thx

  5. Wow..brilliant..wil surely try this..
    1 doubt- Do u add glycerin after the water cools down? It seems to crystallize otherwise..

  6. Guys be careful as some of the roses available at floral shops have RED COLOUR given to it by putting their stems in coloured water so the rose absorbs this colour water making in look redder ( you may have notice they make the lilies blue at floral shops, same way they do that to roses), which is harmful to the skin, so use rose petals from your garden or a known persons…

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