7 Effective Beauty Tips by Shahnaz Husain for Oily Skin

I am back with yet another post, and this time I have something special for girls with oily skin.
Shahnaz Husain is a renowned name in the beauty industry and she is known for her brilliant beauty and makeup tips. Since taking care of oily skin can become tiresome if right tips and tricks are not followed, here are the best and most effective tips recommended by this veteran beauty guru.

Effective Beauty Tips by Shahnaz Husain for Oily Skin

Wash your face with cold water

Woman wakes from sleep and she was cleansing the morning before shower

Every girl with oily skin type must wash her face with cold water. You should stay away from lukewarm and hot water as high temperature of water might leave your pores open and trigger acne. Washing your face with cold water leaves your skin clean, tightens your pores and prevents excessive production of oil.

Keep it natural

This is another highly effective tip! Girls with oily skin should try to stay away from makeup as much as they can. Makeup, especially makeup which is not meant for oily skin, may clog your pores and lead to pimples, blemishes etc.

Always opt for natural scrubs

Body scrub of ground coffee, sugar and coconut oil in glass jar on white rustic table, homemade cosmetic for peeling and spa care

Instead of using chemical-laded scrubs, use all-natural ones. Since natural or homemade scrubs do not contain chemicals, they are gentle on your skin and prevent breakouts. You can easily make scrub with almonds, orange peel or any other good ingredient to scrub your skin.

Use more baby powder

Baby powder is one of the best beauty products ever. It keeps your sweating issues under control, and your scalp healthy, thus it needs to be used by everyone. Simple take some baby powder and dab it on your face. Leave it overnight so that it soaks all the excess oil and you skin is matte and fresh by morning.

Papaya is a wonder ingredient for you

Ripe papaya with green leaf on wooden background

Papaya prevents excess production of oil and keeps your skin matte and healthy. Papaya contains active enzymes which can slough off the dead skin cells and also control the production of oil on the skin. Papaya, when used on a regular basis, promotes health and glow of your skin. Just take a few pieces of papaya and mash them. Apply this paste directly on your face, keep it on and wash off with water after some time.

Always keep rose water handy

You all must use rose water more frequently to improve your skin. Rose water works as a natural
astringent, hence it can remove impurities from your skin and keep it oil free for long. You can simply spray some rose water on your before going to bed. You can also keep spritzing it on your face throughout the day.

Use neem-based products

Shahnaz Husain Tulsi Neem Face Wash

She emphasizes the use of neem-based beauty products. Since neem contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory propertie, it can easily control and prevent acne. It also prevents excessive production of oil by keeping your pores clean. You can try Shahnaz Husain Tulsi Neem Face Wash for best results.

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