Effective Remedies for Smelly Hair

Effective Remedies for Smelly Hair

Smelly hair can be equally bothersome as body odour. Yes, many of us have some scalp troubles which can be mainly because of oily hair. If your hair is on the oily side, it tends to collect pollutants and strong smells from the environment easily. Smelly hair can also be caused due to hormonal imbalances, scalp fungal or other infections. This in turn leads to the stale hair smell.

We all crave for fresh smelling bouncy hair post shampoo. But when you have constant smelly hair, it would not be helped much with regular shampoos. The shampoo must address the root cause of scalp odor. This essentially means shampoos that work at reduction of oil off the scalp. You must look for sulphur shampoos and shampoos that contain zinc, shampoos that target dandruff also work for the same.So next time you get your shampoo, look for anti-bacterial properties and sulphur and salicylic based shampoos.

When you have a smelly scalp, dry shampoo is your best friend.The grease deposits in the hair is a prime reason for smelly hair and dry shampoo touch-ups could refresh hair. Look for dry shampoos with corn and rice starch that will eliminate odor.

Another thing that might work is to use handy products to eliminate bacteria off the scalp. Surprisingly, body washes that are anti-bacterial and work for regular body odor, work for the scalp too. Look for body washes and gels  that have rosemary, garlic and peppermint or lavender.

When using conditioner, avoid the roots of the hair. Conditioners could attract more deposit onto the scalp by making it more greasy.More deposits and yeast colonies leads to smelly hair.If you have oily smelly hair, you could skip conditioner all together.


Coming to natural tips, we all love the last lemon water rinse for our hair , don’t we? Lemon is great for your skin as well as hair.The lemon juice rinse will be a great scalp cleanser and anti-bacterial as well. Lemon squeezed in a mug of water and used as last rinse will give you fresh hair and also help with dandruff and scalp infections which in turn cause smelly hair. Lemon and yogurt hair masks left for 10-15 minutes onto hair once a week also makes scalp healthy.

Apple cider vinegar which is supposed to be anti-fungal can also be used for smelly hair and scalp.Mix half a cup of vinegar with mug of water and you could use few drops of essential oils mixed in this as well and use this as last rinse after shampoo.

Handy tomato juice could be applied onto scalp as well.Use freshly squeezed tomato juice and strain it before applying it on to scalp.Leave it on for 10 minutes or so and rinse off with clean water.

Tea tree oil could also be massaged on to the scalp when mixed with some carrier oil.You could dilute some tea tree oil in water and use this as a last rinse too. Neem oil can also be used similarly and both tea tree oil and neem oil can be used by mixing few drops into the shampoo as well.

If you could get hold of some garlic oil, you can scare the bacteria and yeast away from the scalp.No, this would not aggravate the smelly hair situation but in fact nip it in the bud.

Another effective remedy for your smelly scalp is lavender oil. Lavender oil is simply the most effective solution to getting rid of not only your smelly scalp and other scalp infections too.Simply take few drops of lavender oil and massage it into clean hair and scalp often.


I would highly recommend lavender oil to be used often and keep the garlic oil and other oil and juice treatments for the weekends.So if you are troubled with oily scalp and smelly hair, keep your dry shampoo and essential oils handy.

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