ELF Brush Shampoo – Review

ELF Brush Shampoo

All these days I was using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for washing my brushes once a week or once in a couple of weeks. I was using it only for the reason that it is milder than other shampoo’s and I did not have a special cleanser made for brushes. It was doing pretty OK job with most brushes, except for the ones I use for foundation and blush. Getting out the foundation stain from my brushes was a task for me. I had to wash it 2-3 times to get the foundation stain out. Even then it was not completely clean as new. Same with my blush brush.

ELF Brush shampoo

I purchased the ELF Brush shampoo during a sale and its the first time I’m using a shampoo made for brushes. Did it perform better than my Jhonson’s baby shampoo? Lets see that in a minute.

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What is it :

An anti-bacterial brush cleanser for thorough cleaning in-between makeup applications. Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh and clean application every time. Washes away traces of dirt, makeup, oil and debris from your brush while conditioning the hair to provide a clean and soft application for every use.

Ingredients :
Water(Aqua), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide MEA, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Chloride, Methylparaben

Price :

$3 for 120 ml

My Experience with ELF Brush Shampoo :

This is one other product from ELF which will be Out Of Stock most of the times. I was lucky enough to get one of these during a recent sale. It comes in a square plastic bottle with a flip open cap. It is not a very big bottle, so it should be easy to carry around if you are travelling.

I put it to test on the same day I received it. I took 3 of my dirty brushes , to start with. The Sigma Blush brush, MAC 188 and Sigma F84. I use Sigma F84 for foundation and sometimes for contouring. MAC 188 for foundation and Sigma Blush brush for powder blushes. You can see that all 3 of them have potential stain on the bristles and ready to undergo the test 🙂

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The brush shampoo doesn’t lather like a normal shampoo. And I need a tad bit more quantity than the normal shampoo to clean bigger brushes. Nevertheless it removed the stain so well. Once I rinsed the brush I was quite impressed with the result. Especially my F84. It looked as clean as new brush.

Once the brush dried , it was quite soft. Also , it the shampoo is totally fragrance free which is really good. You will have a clean, soft brush without any funny fragrance.

120 ml is not a big quantity. I have a full Sigma professional brush set and few more brushes in my collection. When I cleaned all of them 1/10 of the bottle got over. Since it needs little more than normal shampoo, I can hardly use for 10 times.

I’m sure I’ll use up the bottle pretty soon. And ELF products are not easy to find in stores. And I don’t think I will order online only for this brush shampoo (They charge $6 for shipping if you order is less than $50) . I have to wait till I make next ELF order. I feel that I could have ordered few more of it.

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Pros of ELF Brush Shampoo:

1. Leaves the brush squeaky clean and fresh as new.
2. No fragrance.
3. Does not make the bristles rough like some hard shampoo.
4. Reasonable price.
5. Quite easy to carry

Cons of ELF Brush Shampoo:

I don’t have any complaints about this product.

Last Word :

I’m quite happy with this brush cleanser. Until I find a better option I’m going to stick to this 🙂


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