ELF Studio HD Blush – Diva and Superstar Review

ELF Studio HD Blush – Diva and Superstar Review

By Betsy

ELF Studio HD Blush Diva and Superstar Review

It was 12:00 AM midnight, when I awoke with a startle at the chime of my android. Clearly annoyed that my beauty sleep was disturbed, I groped for my gadget drowsily.  Soon enough, the corners of my mouth begin to form a smile on seeing the ad from E.L.F about their new studio HD blush.  Wide awake and curious, I scanned the E.L.F site as fast as my eyeballs could read. I had to order this before it ran “out of stock.”

So, let’s have a peek at some swatches.

I did swatch them and oh my! they are so very pigmented, a little too pigmented dare I say.

Take a look:

ELF Diva

Diva (bright pink shade).

Superstar (soft coral).

Elf Superstar elf diva

Pros of ELF Studio HD Blush – Diva and Superstar:

  • Inexpensive, ELF Studio Blush sells for $3.  These could give Make Up Forever blushes a run for their money (MUFE blush costs around 26$).
  • Very pigmented color.  This is both a pro and a con. A con as I will soon site the reason. It is so pigmented that this could easily pass as a lip color. If anything, you can use as a lip stain rather than a blush.
  • Lightweight and neat packaging.
  • Long lasting.

Pink Blush

Cons of ELF Studio HD Blush – Diva and Superstar:

  • Way too pigmented for a blush? I squirted the tiniest dot on the back of my hand and used a small stippling brush to sheer it out. I wiped my brush to dust the excess off and then applied it to my cheeks since I didn’t want to go out looking like I joined the circus.  A little product goes a long way.
  • Questionable shade choices.  The only natural shade choice that I could say was Superstar and/or Headliner. Diva and the rest of the shades for a blush seem too dark for my liking. However for my chocolate-colored sisters say from NC47 onwards (MAC reference), I believe these shades would be beautiful on them.
  • The dispensing pump.  Even if you try to push the pump the slightest bit, you still get too much product. However carefully I tried, being it less pressure, soft touch, the product wasted was too much.

IMBB Rating:


I would still highly recommend this product for the price, quality and as a great dupe for MUFE blush.  The finish on the skin is soft, matte and natural. For the price, you really can’t beat them.  Keeping my fingers crossed that they will release additional shades.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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14 thoughts on “ELF Studio HD Blush – Diva and Superstar Review

  1. Wow thats a cool blush betsy! Worth every bit to be woken up at midnight!!!!!!!!!!! OLove the coral shade! As usual all of us will start going now ELF products not available in India!!!!!!!!!

  2. wish they had been released when i last ordered stuff from e.l.f!! i soooooooo wanna get these! n they have some pretty amazing odr colors too!!

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