Elizabeth Arden Makeup Kit Review

Elizabeth Arden Makeup Kit

Hey gals!

Elizabeth Arden has turned out to be a Winner for me. All the things I have tried from the brand have been good *Touchwood*. This is becoming one of my favorite brands and I hope the love affair continues. Today, I will be reviewing a kit which I got free for my purchase. I was told that this kit costs 850 INR which I doubt but Free gifts are always more than welcome in my case :D.

elizabeth arden makeup kit

This kit contains 2 Eyeshadows, 2 Lip Glosses, and one Cheekcolor, a blush brush and an applicator. I always thought of this kit as useless as we would get at cheap stores. The kits with cheap packaging and China made. But one fine day, I just tried this out and I was surprised to find that all the products were of great quality.

elizabeth arden makeup kit review

I will list down every product in detail, in case you like any one in particular.

Cheekcolor (Sunblush): This is a good thing that they have the blush from the Color Intrigue range which is superb as I already have 2 of those and adore them. The shade Sunblush gives nice warmth to my cheeks. I love wearing it to office. My friends always complement my skin but they are never able to guess that the blush has a major role to play ;). I will definitely buy the bigger version too once this gets over. If you are anywhere between fair to medium skintoned, this could be your HG blush for office. This is so light in the pan but I am amazed how well it looks on the skin. Just like an invisible and smooth veil. Perfect for a Sunkissed look for fair to medium skinned gals.

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elizabeth arden makeup kit review

The individual blush costs 850 INR.

Sparkle and Smoke: I have no idea which shade is named Sparkle or Smoke, so I will just shut up and tell you the description of both the shades.

One is shimmery and pearly in texture. On application the shade is visible as a nice sheen. It works best as a highlighter.

The other is a nice shimmery Grey which works well for overall lid color or for Smokey eyes too.

The staying power of these is Okay without a base but with a base, I have worn them for 5-6 hours without any fading or Creasing.

Honeyglaze and Maple:

Honeyglaze is a pretty Tan shade gloss which goes too well with this palette and gives me a beautiful sunkissed look(not Sunburnt!).

Maple is a beautiful and slightly darker version of Honeyglaze. Though it looks dark in the pan, it comes out as a beautiful peachy brown sheer color on lips, which looks very flattering. This can be perfect for nights because it has slight shimmer which is nowhere chunky. I can’t even feel any glitter, just on looking closely I came to know about the shimmer.

An individual gloss costs 650 INR.

Other add-ons: A blush brush and an applicator which has a sponge tip for applying Eyeshadows at one end and a lip brush on the other end. Can work for emergencies.
The best thing about this palette is that I can carry it with me in my wallet and touch up every now and then ☺.


  •  Price effective for 850 INR.
  •  Shades are well coordinated and will look good on all Fair to Medium skinned beauties
  •  Glosses have superb staying power, 4-5 hrs.
  •  Quality of all the products is amazing
  •  Sleek packaging, you can even carry it in your clutches
  •  Brushes provided for emergency touch ups
  •  Eyeshadows are smooth and have good staying power


  •  The blush would not show on Dusky beauties much
  •  One of the eyeshadows is stark and I rarely use it.

In all, I am extremely happy with this kit. I have never liked kits before as I have the impression of China made kits in my mind and would never have bought this. But I am glad I got it as gift so that I could try this beauty. I am getting the Blush in full pan once this gets over.

Will I repurchase? The blush—Yes, Lipglosses—not sure but maybe, Eyeshadows—not these shades.

Will I recommend? For this price, it is a good buy. But not a must buy.
Stay pretty. 🙂

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