Elle 18 Color Boost Brown Berry lipstick

Hello girls,

Today’s review will be a lipstick from Elle 18. Some new shades are launched in the Color Boost range, so let’s get started.


Price: 150 INR

Product description by Elle 18 :
For non-stop lip drama, Elle18 Color Boost Lipstick ? a vibrant long wear lipstick with a unique dual core and rich color pay-off.
• New formula with long lasting color
• Dual core lipstick format
• Colored core helps lipstick last longer
• Extra moisturizing with Cocoa Butter
• Creamy, smooth and soft texture


My Experience with Elle 18 Color Boost Brown Berry lipstick:


Packaging: Elle 18 lipstick tubes are really girly and cute. The plastic tubes may feel flimsy but they definitely are not boring. For the price, I think it is functional and decent enough. Only thing is that, they are not color coded and I have a hard time checking for a particular shade since I own many.


Shade: Brown berry is a really beautiful reddish-brown, with maroonish hints. The outer layer is maroonish-brown whereas the core is orange. The orange adds a unique combination and gives out a different color altogether. It brightens up my face instantly, but on the other hand I am not comfortable wearing this shade on an everyday basis.


Texture and pigmentation: The texture is very smooth and buttery. It absolutely melts on lips even though they are not prepped. But, on the other hand the creamy texture gives a tendency for the lipstick to crease and bleed. Layering is not recommended as it bleeds. Pigmentation is above average; two swipes and I am done. I notice that at the end of the day it makes my lips dry and dull which is a little annoying.


Lasting power: It has become a fact that Elle 18 lipsticks do not last that long at all. True that, but this one lasts good enough compared to others provided, I blot it and reapply. It lasts about 3.5 hours on an average. It doesn’t survive meals, sadly. And the transferring part is a headache!


But I am really happy enough with it, as it is super affordable and offer some nice shades as well.

Pros of Elle 18 Color Boost Brown Berry lipstick

• Cute and girly packaging.
• Lovely reddish brown shade with a touch of orange.
• Brightens up my face instantly.
• Smooth and buttery texture.
• Glides on lips.
• Feels light on lips.
• Good pigmentation.
• Average lasting power.
• Leaves behind a tint after fading.
• Super affordable.

Cons of Elle 18 Color Boost Brown Berry lipstick

• Bleeds and creases due to creamy texture.
• Doesn’t survive meals.
• Personally, not an everyday shade.

IMBB rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Elle 18 Color Boost Brown Berry lipstick?

I would definitely recommend these lipsticks and this shade is really worth checking out. Even if you don’t like it afterwards you won’t have to regret or feel guilty as it is easy on the pocket as well.

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