Elle 18 Wow Pink 51 Color Pops Review, Swatches

This is actually one of the shades my sister bought me; like I promised, here is the review of the same. I honestly, love this pink! It is so pretty (which you can obviously make out from the swatches of the shade). But, ofcourse there is more to a lipstick than just the shade. So let’s just begin with the review.
Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51 (2)
Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51 (3)

Price – Rs. 120 for 4.3 g

My Experience with Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51:

I am going to begin with what all I like about Wow Pink first. Well, apart from it’s cute packaging, I would say the lipstick’s pink shade is indeed WOW. Neon and bright pink shades have remained in trend all through 2014. However, if you are the one who thought that extreme popping pinks are not your style, but you still secretly loved the trend, well then this is the lipstick you can vouch for. Also, since the neon trend/bright pink lippies was basically dominated by high end colour cosmetic brands – which of course can only be bought at quite a price, you don’t really have to think twice before buying this lipstick. Not only does it resemble some of the shades launched by really expensive color cosmetic brands, it’s pigmentation is really good as well and it comes at probably 1/20th the price of high end lipsticks. 😀
Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51 (4)

Smile, smile – I just gave you the reason to do that. 😉 And don’t stop! The good news is not ending here! The lipstick is also enriched with Cocoa Butter, which gives a creamy texture to the lipstick and makes it all the more easy work with it. Also, unlike some other Elle 18 Color Pops Lipsticks, this one doesn’t go cakey on lips, unless you are wearing too much of the shade. Other than that, the lipstick is quite build-able, and you can easily achieve an opaque finish with this, in a couple of swipes.

Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51 (5)

The shade itself falls somewhere between pink and purple on the colour spectrum. As I have already confessed, I really like this shade. It is also sparsely packed with silver shimmer ; that is not much of a problem (even if you are not much of a shimmer lover) as it  hardly noticeable.

What I don’t like about Wow Pink 51, is it’s scent. I did not like how Coral Crush tasted and smelt soapy after a while and this is the same problem with this one. This is perhaps the reason that despite owning it for nearly 2 months now. I have hardly used it.
Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51 (1)

Pros of Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51:

  •  Pocket-friendly
  •  Enriched with Cocoa Butter.
  •  Creamy texture.
  •  Smooth finish.
  •  Cute packaging.
  •  Sparsely packed with silver shimmer.
  •  Does not settle between the fine lines.
  • Does not bleed.
  •  Leaves a pretty stain.
  •  Expiry – 30 months from the date of packing.

Cons of Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51:

  • Smell – Though initially when you smell it, you will actually like it. (So did I – It’s very fruity/floral sorts). But I hate how it stays during the entire duration of the lipstick application. Also, it smells and tastes soapy after a while.
  •  Does not last more than 2 hours on me (max)
  •  Dries the lips eventually (You might feel this once the lipstick is off)
  • Ingredient list not mentioned

IMBB Rating- 3.75/5

Would I repurchase Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51?

No, the smell bothers me.
Would I recommend Elle 18 Color Pops Wow Pink 51?
I totally love the shade, unfortunately I can’t live with that smell. If that however, does not bother you, Just go for it!
Till we meet next – Stay beautiful!

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    1. Thanks Riti – and I think they are good if you can survive the fragrance. Now that you can live with it, I am sure you must be having a gala time using Elle 18 lipsticks 😀

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