Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Roasty Red Review

Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Roasty Red Review

Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick Roasty Red Review

Back with another lip product, I don’t know what is up with me. I have been reviewing lip stuff in a row, but I hope lipstick addicts are enjoying it as much as I am.  The thing is that I ran out of products to review and I had an itch to get more stuff here in Goa.  When we went out caLANngute, there is a gorgeous place to shop called “Delfino’s” in Goa.  So, I went and saw a huge display of Coloressence, Elle 18, and Lakme stuff.  Usually, the places I shop in Chennai, like Shopper’s Stop, do not have Coloressence counters.  So, the whole deal was too tempting and I knew I am not going back empty handed.  I picked up tons of Elle 18 for review purpose and I picked up nice shades only 😛 and some Coloressence stuff which has turned out to be terrible, will save that for another day.

Roasty Red 1

As of now, the Elle 18 lipsticks are unbeatable at a price of Rs. 100 : O and I keep getting them back again.  I never knew they have some wearable shades as well. Please check out my reviews on Cranberry, Pomegranate Pie, Mystery Mauve, Pinken, and Rosy Blush and decide for yourself. I am reviewing another very wearable and dirt cheap shade in Roasty Red.  I also picked up some other shade that I have never seen or swatched, but it did look nice, so here we go.

Roasty Red 2

Roasty Red is a soft, warm, orangey-brown-red and I think it’s a sheer red which is a rare to find. Its not pink red or a maroon red, neither is it a deep blood red, so for everyone who wants to try out red, and wants to start with sheer red, this is the shade for you.

Roasty Red 3

Again, the lipstick has already broken at the base like all my Elle 18 lipsticks.  Somehow, I managed to get some clicks for the review.  The swatch as you can see, in one swipe, is very sheer, something I think many younger women will like. Its almost like a tinted lip balm and looks saucy and warm red without looking like you are wearing a red.

Roasty Red 5

The texture is soft, but it feels very oily.  Its not like the Rosy Blush I reviewed. Its not opaque and creamy, but its sheer and balmy. The finish is oily and glossy types: P I don’t how to pinpoint this 😛

Roasty Red 4

The core of moisture in the lipstick makes it even more sheer.  Well, I think I am going to layer some matte red on it.  You can use this as a light tint of red and it looks great, don’t expect much staying power and it will bleed as well and hence I went over the top on the lip liner in the pictures 😛

Roasty Red 6

Last Word:

Overall, for 100 rupees, I am glad I got this to review.  This lipstick is sheer, soft, orangey brown red with a lip balm effect, I think many will like this kind of a red, so pick it up!

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28 thoughts on “Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Roasty Red Review

      1. hey parita, try shades “pinken” and “spice ginger”. i use both of them regularly. they are awesome! u can check out “cinnamon bun” too. it will suit u! 🙂

  1. i was writing a review on this.. sob sob! u did it first :'( but anyway, great review as usual 🙂 n pleeeeeeeeeeeeze tell me which lip liner u are using this time 😀

  2. Lipstick shopping in GOA!!! Ha ha ha u totally sound like me… The best place to shop in Goa for reasonable amount is Mapusa market….. I like this shade a lot… It’s nice and dark enough for me bt nt overpowering….. Have fun in Goa!!!

  3. You make me drool over your lip swatches! Each one of them look sooo pretty!
    Are there testers available in d shops for the elle 18 lippies? Or u just do inky pinky ponky and select the shade?

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