Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Rusty Review

Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Rusty Review

Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick Rusty Review

Like I said, I bought some of these Elle 18 lipsticks from Delfino’s at Calangute, Goa and I am happy that I swatched new shades which I had never heard of. Some of these Rs. 100 lipsticks are an abosulte delight and I can’t believe these are available at just 100 rupees.  A few of them have been reviewed by me like Pomegranate Pie, Roasty Red, Cranberry, Mystery Mauve, Rosy Blush, etc.  Do have a look because these have various finishes I feel, cater to all color families, and are ideal if you want to try a different shade and don’t want to spend much.


Some reds are adorable from this collection like Roasty Red and Rosy Blush.  Both are very unique in themselves.  Pomegranate Pie and Pinken are absolutely gorgeous pinks.  Pinken is a natural pink and Pomegranate is a mauvy pink. I love all the shades that I got.  I have Cinnamon Bun as well and that its too sheer, almost like a tinted lip balm on me, but a great shade.

Rusty 1

As for this one, this hasn’t broken yet. Most of Elle 18 Color Pops break at the base, I don’t know why. This one is going sturdy till now.  The color is a soft orange.  I think this is the closest to Poppy Rush, which a lot of ladies want to know a dupe for. From this new collection, Rusty is the orange one which is the closest it can get to Poppy Rush.  Of course, Poppy Rush is very coral, bright, and very creamy too.  This one is on the sheer side, but still gives a lot of color to the face.

Rusty 2

I think Poppy Rush is not so wearable even though we would love it in theory, its not a very practical color. This shade “Rusty” is a very wearable, soft coral orange shade, which is ideal for warm skin tones.

Rusty 3

The finish is soft and moisturizing, not thick and creamy, but mildly glossy.  I like it a lot as it looks very natural yet very luscious on me. I think it shapes my lips very well.  I am pleased I picked it up and I think I will be buying back-up of this.

Rusty 4

Do not expect much staying power in one swipe since its on the sheer side. This is what makes it ideal for college and office goers when you want some color and still don’t want a thick layer of lipstick on your face.  This is also great if you want to try a soft orange within the Rs. 100 range.

Pink Lips

Last Word:

Peach Lips

This is a must have.  I am floored by this shade and can’t believe it is so affordable. This is a softer version of Poppy Rush or the closest this range can get a dupe for Poppy Rush.  This one is more wearable than Poppy Rush.  My top three must-haves from Elle 18 are Pinken, Pomegranate Pie, and Rusty.  I will try and do a compilation of all the Elle 18 lipsticks I have and also the top 5 affordable lipsticks as has been requested.  Please let me know what else you would like to see in terms of compilations, colors, shades, brands and also affordability and price point, any ideas are welcome!

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19 thoughts on “Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Rusty Review

  1. lovely! is this a new addition like pinken and cinnamon bun? i m ordering this NOW! and my “eternal” question, kaun sa lipliner hai? 😀 do add that extra line for me in your next reviews 😉

  2. i seriously wanna cry now… i already have 13 shades from elle 18 range and the last few u have reviewed i don’t have any…. 🙁 the lesser i think i wont buy make up u come with another fabulous lipstick review ….. so pinken, this one and shade 26… i have to buy i think!!! :p
    Thanks fr the review Neha …. again these are definitely the new shades which were not marketed when the range was introduced :/

  3. I have this one!!!!rosy blush n cinnamon bun r my fvts among them!!!
    these lipsticks are best for d price they offer…

  4. OOoooooooohhhh, I love this shade Neha! One of the best you’ve reviewed so far, looks totally gorgeous on your even more gorgeous lips!

  5. I picked this one after reading your review, and I am simply loving it! Infact, I am now a huge fan of the Elle 18 Color Pops Range! Big Thank you!

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