Enchanteur Body Mist (Desire)

Who doesn’t want to be fresh every time? I think everybody wants it. Fresh, healthy and smelling good is always everybody’s desire. So is with me. One of the things that I do to keep fresh and smell good is to use a deodorant everyday especially before going for my daily activity. As a lot of my close associates know that I am a total scent hound and absolutely adore anything that will tingle my nostrils with flowery or fruity aromas.

So when I found this flowery body mist spray I had to give a whirl and try it. And for the most part, it was a very good purchase, with sweet floral fragrance, and I have to admit it’s a different kind, I have ever tried. Sometimes I also use it after taking a shower or bath, it feels so refreshing.

Its price: Rs 99/- for 75 ml( Indian Rupees)
Enchanteur Body Deodorent

Although, I got 3 for 175 only……Want to know how??? Have patience…….. …ok the secret is that I came across this product at BIG BAZAR some 2 month back, where there was an offer an offer going on :buy (1 enchanteur body mist + 1 enchanteur perfumed talcum powder) and get 1 extra body mist absolutely free free..free…

I am not sure if it comes in a bigger size too. Though the size is mini, the fragrance is not mini, we can get enough freshness and the sweet fragrance. Moreover the bottle with a lovely picture of pink flowers on it looks rather attractive…

Thank God I grabbed the offer, or otherwise I would not be here to do the review……& also I am gainer any ways…..

UNZA Body cares Sa., VIETNAM (ATLANTIC GROUP), Imported by Wipro in India

What it claims-

  • Captivating French Floral fragrance, this in turn will help to express our fascinating charisma.

Enchanteur comes in two distinct yet equally unforgettable ranges:

  • The Romantic range, with sweet and floral-fruity notes-when you are sweet, cheerful and confident.
  • The Charming range with floral, powdery notes-when you want to feel classy, elegant and sophisticated


Ethanol, Butane, Propane, Fragrance, Water (as mentioned on the bottle)

I got the variant Enchanteur Body Mist (Desire): Priced at Rs. 99/-

Enchanteur Body Mist (Desire)

Coming to the product, Although I am not the biggest fan of the flowery scents out here because they are strong for my liking. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft the scent was after spraying it on. True, at first whiff, you’re blinking rapidly at the burst of harsh lavender assaulting your senses but after a few seconds, it quickly dissipates and you’re left with a wispy and gentle wave of relaxing lavender.
Another purchasing point on this product is the price. A 75ml. spray bottle will cost you around 99 rupees, so it is rather an inexpensive way to indulge yourself. Plus it is a natural option for use as a perfume.. And the final reason to give this a try is the scent can last for hours, a non-offensive shadow that will surprise your air with a touch of lavender at certain moments during your day.

How to use it:
To use it we can just spray it to our body directly or over your clothes…..

What I like about Enchanteur Body Mist (Desire):

  • It is a fantastic BODY MIST with a captivating floral fragrance.
  • The package is classy, long & sleek.
  • Could be easily carried in hand bag.
  • It is very easy to use; just have to spray it to our body. I usually use this body mist it as perfume, spraying some on my wrists and neck in the morning, and the fragrance lingers almost all day
  • Available in 2 different variants: Romantic, Charming.
  • The fragrance is long lasting, for me it last approximately for about 7 to 8 hours or maybe longer than this,. I could still feel it working after I come back from work.
  • Needless to say, keeps away body odor.
  • It is much lighter than perfume.
  • Very little amount is required.
  • It does not cause me to sweat.
  • I am using this on daily basis for about 1 month but am still left with some to go for about 15 days more I guess.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Did not cause any allergy or irritation to my skin.

Enchanteur Body Mist (Desire)

What I don’t like about Enchanteur Body Mist (Desire):
• The one & the only thing that I don’t like from this body mist is that its contains alcohol,. So to use it, I usually just spray it on my clothes and not directly on my sensitive skin.
• Ok let me think hard…harder…sorry I couldn’t find any other drawbacks.

My Rating: :-* :-* :-* :-*

I am quite happy with this, want to try the variant too. Definitely will always be one of my favorite body mists. Until I find something new I will continue using this……

This is my debut review. Hope u all liked. Until next time, bye bye and stay beautiful. 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Enchanteur Body Mist (Desire)

  1. hmmmmmmm….gotta get my hands on that!!!!! my mommy didn’t let me use body sprays…..sumthin bout pores clogging up…but she didn’t let me thread my brows either…but since she let me do that..i guess i should start bugging her bout body sprays again!!!!

    1. hi fathima,

      Maybe becoz u r just 15 dear .. 🙂 Mommas a always concerned abt their kids. :zombiekiller:
      but try this , is very refreshing n d fragnance is also v charming, u will definitely like it. 😉

  2. Hi sush… What a fragrant review… Anyone can tell how much you love that body mist…

    Alas.. I am allergic to alcohol… I develop severe burning sensation if i use sprays with alcohol… But this one would make a great gift.. :yes:

  3. Yes palak d devine fragnance is very reasonably priced. however i got it more cheaper than its original price 😀 . wish the offer goes on & on…
    Thx :kissed:

  4. u know what Ki. the add flashed much later ,my purchase. was more happy then…. :laugh:
    Its a great purchase. buy it ..i bet u’ll b gainer. :disdain:

  5. hey, i am a sucker for scents too…..this one is very affordable……spraying on the clothes is a good idea since I too get a burning sensation with deos….. 😥 Under certain circumstances, when I have sprayed deo, I have walked around for 5 whole minutes with my hands spread like scarecrow coz of the severe burning……but as you said……its a great gift idea………. 😀

  6. but you are tempting me to buy it sush…..I may endure the burning sensation just to experience that lovely smell you have described. 🙂

  7. Hey Rati, i went to the fan page on facebook….there is no tab to let me join in there…….. ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

  8. what a convincing review Sush!
    i am running to big bazaar on Saturday for sure!
    i was on the lookout for a nice deo…
    i got it now,,,thanks to u

  9. hi jomol, its water base so i dont think it will irritate u much…
    other wise u can try the way i mentioned… Try it .. u’ll loooove it. as i do.. :heart:

    Indeed it’ll a gr8 gift . :present:

    U hv a gd sence of humor..ha ha.. 😀

  10. Hi, Sush. I’ve been looking for Enchanteur products here in the Philippines but I guess there’s none. I’ve tried searching and searching over the internet only to end up buying it online. Would you know where I can buy these products? Thanks!

  11. Dear Sush

    Nice product descriptor. Please keep me posted on any other blogs you post.

    Also, I have tried their Charming Roll on. I was pretty impressed with the roll ons.


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