Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Mist Review

Hello everyone, I’m here with a fragrance review. Before becoming a makeup addict (thanks to IMBB), I have always been a fragrance addict. I love to collect (read hoard) different fragrances in the form of deos, mists, EDTs, splashes, even ‘itars’. This is my first fragrance review out of my collection.
victorias secret angel mist

Product Description

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Mist is America’s #1 fragrance. An ethereal mist that soothes skin with light, fragrant moisture.
Fragrance type: Vanilla Oriental
Top Notes: Quince, Cardamom
Middle Notes: White Peony, Freesia
Low Notes: White musk, sandalwood, vanilla.

Price : USD 15 for 75 ml/2.5 FL OZ (Rs. 675 approx)
Also available in 250ml for USD 25 (Rs. 1125 approx)

This Fragrance is part of Victoria’s Secret’s Dream Angels Range. The range consists of three fragrances namely Heavenly, Desire and Devine. Victoria’s Secret’s Dream Angels heavenly fragrance comes in other forms, including Eau de toilette, shower gel, body butter and lotion.

victorias secret angel mist1

This fragrance is DIVINE. It’s very light, feminine scent with soothing smell. It comes in little sleek clear bottle. With the first spray, this mists smells woody and gradually lasts with mild floral smell. Its very light, ideal for day wear but can be used in the night in layers.
victorias secret angel mist3

Pros of Victoria’s Secret’s Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Mist:

  • Long lasting, smells heavenly (calm)
  • Feminine, good for all ages and all occasions
  • Reasonably priced
  • Rich musky, floral smells uplifts the mood.
  • Pretty sleek transparent packaging.

victorias secret angel mist4

Cons of Victoria’s Secret’s Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Mist

  • not available in India.

My Rating: 4/5, -1 for availability
Will I Purchase it Again? oh YES, it’s one of my top 5 fragrances. I am eyeing Divine too from this range.

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35 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Mist Review

    1. rati, VS stuff is thr at kunchals, rajouri lifestle mall, n shoppers stop..
      but havent seen it at select city walk/promenade.. n i also knw dis shop in gk m block mkt who sells all genuine fragrances n d prices r v.competetive.. its name is daamini..
      any other source u knw..!!

  1. I have this and it smells “heavenly” :heart: :heart: :heart: O:) O:) O:) …but i got just a lil left. :brokenheart: :brokenheart: ..and i havent seen this particular one at any stores where u get VS in India.. 🙁

  2. lovely review nicely clicked pictures.i have used this one and absolutely loved it.i finished the whole bottle in a year .i used it all the floral and it was on discount on vs when i got it.
    love it
    :woot: :woot:

        1. cool… my list is always ready.. i keep browsing the sites here and make a list and mail her.. then she sends for me…loot .. 😀

  3. Hi Reeena, love your review! also you had mentioned ittars no, how to wear them? also can i use essential oils as a perfume? plz help me! :wilt:

    1. thanx neha, i dab my ittars on the innerside of my wrist and behind my ear lobes.. but as ittars are oil based, i dont use them on clothes, they leave behind stains..will review one of them soon. 🙂

  4. i have no one there :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:
    he he
    yes itar reviews plz i think theyd be the best! :woot:

  5. yeah i nice affordable perfume will look forward for its arrival in india though i m not perfume person i m allergic to most perfumes

  6. ashna if ur alergic try the milder version in the form of mists or try using itrs i hear they are awsum :woot: .i wana get myself some when i visit friend in lucknow

  7. Hi Reena, love ur review. I love VS Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Mist, I am using it. Loved the fragrance of it. :heart: This is one of the best perfumes which suits for all the occasions and never disappoints u…
    But only concern is that u wont get in India 🙁

  8. pls help me to know where i can buy vs products,, m really a big fan of this brand,, pls gals if u know give a feedback,,as its ma marriage tymm

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