Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine Review

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Hello IMBBians,

Essence has one of finest affordable range of nail care and beauty range. Whenever I visit the store, I always pick one or the other from their range. I recently ran out of clear top coat and as always Essence was the only one to whom I could turn to and today’s review is about Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine. So, read on to know more:

Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine Review

What the company claims:

Let it shine… the ultra-gloss nail shine gives your nails an ultra-glossy finish and enhances the durability of the nail polish applied underneath. A glossy top coat for every nail polish color. This fast-drying top coat gives an ultra-glossy, mirror-like shine & extends the wear of nail polishes!

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Price: €1.99 for 8ml

My Experience with Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine:

I have an awful lot of nail products, that take a lot of space in my closet. With my husband cribbing about “taking all his space” I stashed out a few old products and wanted to incorporate all that multi tasked like 2 in 1 base and top coat. I went to the store to buy a 2 in 1 coat but while I was checking the different ones available, the ultra-gloss attracted me. Who doesn’t love mirror like glossy effect on our nails? So, I ended up buying one even though there were a lot of “Not again “looks from my husband!


The packaging is basic, straight and simple. It comes in a nail polish like bottle. Has a transparent glass container, with a white cap that holds the brush. There is information written in purple behind a hologram like glossy background! There is basic info on the back with the quantity but nothing more than that. Being transparent it is easy to see the amount left in the bottle. The screw cap is quite tight and you can easily carry it around if needed. The top coat is clear and smells a bit acetone or like the typical nail polish smell. With a single coat, the top coat gives a high glossy effect. The swatch is just one coat! The other commendable feature of this top coat is the fact that it is fast drying like really fast! When applied on top of the nail polish, it dries within 20-30 seconds! This was like magic! I have NYC 60 second fast drying nail polishes with this top coat, I can make any of the budget nail polishes fast drying! It is amazing! When I applied this alone for the swatch, the next day I could just scrap it off. It had peels all over and it was chipping! Not something you expect so soon. This was the first step where I started to lose hope on this product.


But this is not a base coat, so I convinced myself otherwise. When applied over nail polish it gives a brilliant glossy shine to it. No matter what quality of nail polish you choose. The top coat doesn’t do anything to increase the life of the nail polish. I have tried other top coats from the same brand and I had my nail polish going strong for more than a week but with this top coat, within 2 days I could chip out the nail polish. It clearly doesn’t extend the wear of nail paints and the claim is false. If you don’t apply a base coat, the chipping is little but with a base coat, the chipping starts within 2 days. I do not want to sacrifice my base coat for extending the wear of this nail polish! Except the high glossy effect, I do not find anything else useful from this top coat and it can be given a miss! So, summing up:


Pros of Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine:

• Travel Friendly.
• Affordable.
• Provides high glossy shine to nail polishes.
• Fast drying.

Cons of Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine:

• Chips and peels within 2 days.
• Doesn’t make the nail polish last as claimed.

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine again?
No! You can give it a skip and invest in other top coats that provide good coverage.

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