Essie Nail Polish – Fair Game Review

Essie Nail Polish – Fair Game Review

By Shuvasree Biswas

Hey Dolls,

Things around me have been very hectic and as usual, I have been neglecting myself. With work and family, I just find it increasingly difficult to go to a salon or a spa and treat myself.  I am sure there are a lot of us who find it difficult to juggle everything, but we still do manage. I prioritize my family and my little dog, then probably my crazy boss and at the bottom of the list is “me.” These days my “me time” has completely reduced to a quick ten minute nail polish change, which I thoroughly enjoy. So recently, during one of these “me sessions,” I discovered that I had this beautiful Essie Fair Game Nail Polish which I haven’t even used once.  Now, I generally prefer OPI or China Glaze, but I wanted to try an Essie and bought this for $ 15.50 which is a little on the expensive side. I just browsed online for more Essie products in India and I noticed that the range is from Rs. 870 to Rs. 1300, which is again expensive compared to OPI and China Glaze.

Essie Nail Polish

Nevertheless, the color of the product was beautiful – it has this bluish grayish gun metal color to it, very unique indeed.  Now, I am not a very big fan of “metallics,” but I just thought why not give it a go. This product is a part of the Essie 2011 Resort Collection and there are three other colors that they introduced in that series. I think the color itself is the main USP.  It has this pearly tint to it, but those of you who are dead against metallics might change your mind like me, when you try this one.

My expectations of this brand were very high since it did make a hole in my pocket, considering the fact that it is just a nail polish. My work does require me to dress a certain way, but there are not restrictions in terms of wearing nail paint or varnish as long as it does not go overboard (nail piercings and over the top nail art), so I change it as often as I feel like. When I wore this color at work, the first impression of my colleagues and boss alike was “WOW”!!

Essie Nail Polish

I had no worries or fears with the product itself. It did not get clumpy or anything; dried off pretty quickly too, so I did not have to wait too long. The end result was very good. Two to three coats were required and the color looked amazing. The brush is a little too small and I really had a bad time painting my right hand (which I am sure a lot of us experience).  Though I did have a little problem with my first coat, but with the second coat, everything seemed fine. You can use a base coat and a top coat if you feel like, but I was on a time crunch, so I didn’t bother, but it turned out fine.

Essie Nail Polish

The formula is quite creamy and if you want that opaque look, then 3 coats should do the job. I have been wearing this for a while now, but haven’t experienced any chipping till now.  A few of my friends did complain that Essie nail polishes tend to chip. This color suited my complexion very well as well (I am a NC40) and I am sure it will look great on most complexions.

Essie Nail Polish

Essie Nail Polish

It looks different in different lights too; in normal light, it looks like a gun metal color more on the grayish side and at night, it looks bluer.  The color itself is very diverse and unique and simply gorgeous.

Pros of Essie Nail Polish – Fair Game:

  • Beautiful vibrant color, very unique indeed.
  • No flaking or brush strokes.
  • Formula is nice and creamy.
  • Great finish.

Cons of Essie Nail Polish – Fair Game:

  • Price is quite high.
  • The brush is quite small.
  • Chipping can be a major concern as well.

IMBB Rating:

3.5/5, I might buy and try other Essie products, but I doubt whether I will buy this one again.

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