Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss Star Ruby Review, Photos

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss Star Ruby Review, Photos

Details Pure Color Gloss : True Vision technology transforms ordinary color and makes it extraordinary. Imagine what it will do for your lips. In a wide range of wearable shades with lasting shine for a lasting impression. You’ll want them all.


  • Maximized color impact
  • Magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension
  • Amplified brilliance

Each Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss shade comes in one of three distinct, multi-dimensional finishes:

  • Mirror Shine
  • Luminous Shimmer
  • Dimensional Sparkle
  • All with sheer-to-medium coverage

Gloss brings sensuality to a woman’s face.” -Tom Pecheux, Estee Lauder Creative Makeup Director

Este Lauder Pure Color gloss Star Ruby
Este Lauder Pure Color gloss Star Ruby

Price : Rs 1210

My Experience with Estee Lauder Pure Color Star Ruby Lip Gloss

  • Star Ruby is a cool toned reddish pink color shade. It has purple, red, pink and golden shimmer, which gives a high shine to lips. It’s a very easy to wear color. Just keep the makeup on your eyes minimal and you’ll rock the color.
  • The Pure color lip glosses comes in classy rectangular packaging with golden cap and transparent tube.There is an “EL” signature inscribed on the cap.
  • Like all Estee Lauder glosses, pure color gloss also has a faint strawberry fragrance. It never bothers you after you apply it.
  • Pure Color gloss is not sticky at all and feels light on lips.
  • The glitter particles are not chunky or gritty. Infact once you applyย  it, you wouldn’t even feel that there is any glitter particle on your lips.
  • The staying power is around 2-2/12 hours and the gloss doesn’t disappear after small snacks or tea. After a complete meal, you would have to reapply the gloss.
  • It never ever makes your lips dry.
  • The best and the most amazing thing I find with Estee Lauder glosses is that they don’t bleed towards the edges of the lips. I mostly apply a little gloss on only the center of my lips but with these you can go all over your lips and the gloss would stay where you have applied it.
Estee Lauder Pure Color gloss Star Ruby
Estee Lauder Pure Color gloss Star Ruby

Pure Color gloss comes with a regular wand applicator.

Estee Lauder Pure Color gloss Star Ruby  wand
Estee Lauder Pure Color gloss Star Ruby wand
  • Ruby shine lip gloss in particular has a sheer texture. If you have pigmented lips, this might not show that well on your lips.
  • Also, if you don’t like high shine lip glosses, you might not want to pick it up.
Estee Lauder Pure Color gloss Star Ruby swatch
Estee Lauder Pure Color gloss Star Ruby swatch

After using Pure Gloss, it makes my belief even firmer that Estee Lauder makes one of the best lip glosses .

estee lauder ruby sparkle
estee lauder ruby sparkle

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  3. hayeeeee……this is looking so awesomeeee
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