Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick – Endless Raisin

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick – Endless Raisin


INR 525

Super rich color with super staying power in our exclusive lightweight formula.

I am super excited about this one as I am reveiwing a mauve brown from this range after red and plums. This one is so apt for Indian skin tone as it is a warm brown with mauve undertones to it, it is a great nude too for dusky skin tone when applied lightly, check this one out!


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These lipsticks are very appealing in their simplistic packaging. I am delighted at the fact that these are mattes as well as shimmer and a couple of them frosts but over all I love the texture .You have a plethora of shades to pick up from, pinks , reds, plums and a baby pink too and some browns. The packaging is good but I don’t like the cap but I love the colored base to them.

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The color is a warm brown with mauve undertones, you can keep it light for day, and three swipes make it look very brown,the finish is cream ,semi matte and it does not have any shimmer or frost to it, a great shade for office.


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I love the shade as it is very versatile, more suited to dusky skin tones, and great for day and office as it is a very sophiticated shade, it is very soft to look at , not in your face and hence this and the Lasting chestnut will make for great choice for brown lovers..


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The whole deal about these lippies is what I understood today, you have to apply them with a lip brush, these dont feel sticky with a lip brush, these are under control with a lip brush, shape your lips well, dont form a thick layer and dont look patchy.Apply them with a lip brush and you will notice a whole world’s difference on your lips.They will not be sticky at all when applied with a brush.

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick endless raisin swatch


On the other hand, they stay forever and they do feel sticky when layered a lot, but i have to say again that these do not make my lips dry, lots of lippies do like the Lakme nine to five ones but this one due to being sticky keeps on releasing some moisture to the lips I guess,having said that it sets, but it still does not dry and as a result transfers to cups too.

The deal with 14 hr is that these set after application. Have you tried the Loreal infallible lippies?These feel and look (the bullet) like the Loreal infallible but are half their rate.Both of them set after application and last very long. Both have the stunning pretty bullet and some marvelous shades as well.

Another thing is that it has a strong citrus fruity smell, exactly like Inglot refills! I find it pleasant but just to let you know.The smell is very noticeable. Because they set, they make for an ideal base for glosses, Loreal le gloss, or say Maybelline fruity shines etc. I would to use glosses on top of these to make them last long and for a change from matte lipsticks. If you dont like sticky lippies, or lippies that are fragranced then skip this one!

nude lips


Last word:

If you are looking for a brown mauve color, that is shimmer free and lasts a while, this is a great bet for 525! Try it for sure.I do not find it drying  like other lippies like 9 to 5, though it might be a little sticky, yes, but not drying on me!

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37 thoughts on “Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick – Endless Raisin

  1. wow this is super awesome shade… i have not picked up a single lippie from this range.. i think this will be my choice… 🙂 🙂

  2. wow my lippy queen u r now maybelline queen too.. never saw such dropdead gorgeous swatches in my life m telling u honestly.. 🙂 just flawless!!

      1. me too think so… more than half of the lippies that you review are liked so much just because of your lip swatches… sachi they are gorrrrr-geousss… 🙂

  3. Gorgeous shade Neha and you wear it beautifully! 🙂 I picked up this one myself, however I found it fades away after meals 🙁 Can you please lemme know if there anything I can do to ensure this lasts through meals with zero re-touching? (I follow the first layer application/dab/compact powder/second layer routine) Thanks!!!

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