Etude House Pink Dolphin Story Missing U Hand Cream Review

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K-Pop stars and Korean beauty products are slowly taking over the world. We cannot just sit and watch this happen! So, let me sweep you away today into the world of Etude House, a Korean beauty brand. They have some great products and I will bring you more from them soon. Today, I have for you a really cute hand cream with a lot of thought behind it. I hope you love it! They deliver globally and Etude House is also available easily in stores throughout South East Asia. Enjoy and have a great day everyone!


Product Description:
Formulated with natural mixture of herbs, Shea Butter and Olives to moisturize, heal and soothe hands.

Apply cream to all areas of the face.


1. For external use only.
2. Avoid contact with eyes.
3. Keep out of reach of children.
4. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear.

Etude House Pink Dolphin Story Missing U Hand Cream Review8

SGD 9.95 for 30 ml of gorgeous smelling product!

My Experience with Etude House Pink Dolphin Story Missing U Hand Cream:


This Etude House hand cream comes in possibly the cutest packaging ever! Etude House has created this line of hand creams based on some endangered animals who need help to conserve their natural habitats. Hence, a pink dolphin hand cream! A cute panda and a harp seal are among the other animals that feature in this line of hand creams and Etude House donates a certain amount of money to help these wonderful creatures with every purchase made.


The Pink Dolphin Story comes in an adorable plastic screw top container. Due to its bulky nature this hand cream is not the best to carry along as it takes up space, but not to worry as it is not heavy in weight. The outer packaging is also made of recycled paper and the ink used to print on it is soy ink. Etude House has certainly tried to be as environmental friendly as it could with this stuff! The box also gives you a little more information about the animals themselves.


This particular cream is definitely my favourite from the whole line as its scent is just fantastic! The Pink Dolphin Story is a lovely rose smelling hand cream which can be applied all over hands and wrists. The texture of this is very light. Once applied, it gets absorbed within 2 or 3 minutes. It is not greasy at all and will not leave fingerprint marks all over your phone screen. I like carrying this with me when I have a larger purse with me; it does get quite bulky to be carried about in a small handbag. The scent is not overpowering at all and I am not a big fan of the rose scent, but this had me converted. So you need to try this out!


Price wise, I can understand why people think this is a little on the pricier side, but the product does deliver well. I like that once you unscrew the top off, there is a plastic shield to keep the product within the bottom half of the container safe, else I could imagine it flying all over the place. This is not a very thick cream and the consistency of this is quite liquid ish without being runny. I do use it sparingly because even though I like it a lot I can not afford to go buy more and more all the time! The product does need to be reapplied if you wash your hands with water.


It has a wonderful moisturising capability which lasts at least four hours. My hands feel very soft and supple after using this product. One thing you have to be careful about is not to rub your eyes or touch anywhere near your eyes once you have applied this product on your hands as this is not recommended for the area around your eyes. I am also looking forward to repurposing the immediate packaging once I am done with this hand cream because it is certainly too cute to throw away!


Pros of Etude House Pink Dolphin Story Missing U Hand Cream:

• Great smell.
• Non sticky.
• Absorbs quickly.

Etude House Pink Dolphin Story Missing U Hand Cream Review9

Cons of Etude House Pink Dolphin Story Missing U Hand Cream:

• None that I can think of!

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Etude House Pink Dolphin Story Missing U Hand Cream?
This is my second hand cream from this line so I have already repurchased it, but I think that was because I was very attracted to the packaging! $10 is not cheap for 30 ml. However, I do not mean to undermine the product’s capacity to work in any way whatsoever!

Let us just put it this way- if someone gave me $10 I might go and spend it on this! 🙂 But, till then I leave you with high recommendations for the Etude House Missing U Hand Creams.

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