Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel Review

Skin Type- combination to oily
Sensitive Skin – no
Combination and oily skin people will agree with me when I say it is painful to blot/touch up the T zone or the full face all day to avoid looking a shiny ball; so mattifying products are always special to us. Zero Sebum range caught my attention and I got the powder and gel from the range. Here is the review on the Matte Gel.
Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel

Price – Rs 780/- (approx.)

Product Description:
What it is:
– A silicon-free matte gel that removes oily and waxy sebum clearly for oil-free matte skin all day.

1. Natural grain powder removes sebum oil to deliver un-greasy fresh skin condition for long.
2. No silicon is added to prevent skin not to get smudged with sebum.
3. 5-Free: No silicon, talc, mineral oil, artificial pigment, or artificial scent added to keep skin peppy and cushiony.

More to know:
3-Step Sebum Control to deliver cushiony and non-greasy skin:

1. Sugar polymer from plankton removes excess sebum on skin clearly to keep skin cushiony and soft.
2. Cotton extract protect skin from the impact of stress from excess sebum and sebum breakouts.
3. Patent sebum control mix contained: fermented bean, willow, cinnamon, oregano, pine, portulaca oleracea, and gold to care sebum troubles.

How to apply:
– After applying essence in the mornings and evenings, dispense a certain amount and gently spread from inner to outer areas of face.
– Based on skin type, apply only onto areas concentrated with sebum oil or apply additional layers.

1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high/low temperatures or in areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Stop using if it causes any allergic reaction or any problems arising.

My Experience with Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel:

The packaging is a simple tube but it looks cute with the yellow and mint details. A lot of information is mentioned on the outer paper carton but again all in Korean, so I gambled again…hihi! The cap is a screw-on type and I always prefer flip top cap; nevertheless it is only for one time application as a primer, so I can overlook that.


The texture is a light gel that feels cool on the skin on initial application. I use it as a primer concentrating on the T zone and my inner cheeks. It feels like applying nothing on the skin. It is non greasy and does not have the silicone feel to it, which is great. I personally do not like the slippery feel on the face which most primers give.

When applied alone it stayed on for 4 hours flat and worked like charm. But after that, the effect started to wear off and the skin started feeling oily. It was then that I touched up with the drying powder from the same range and then I was ready for a few more hours. For both the products I felt they work like magic when they work they work together. On their own they are very good but not best.

Pros of Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel:

• Simple handy packaging.
• Gel texture.
• Non greasy.
• Non drying.
• Absorbs well.
• Controls sebum.

Cons of Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel:

• Availability.
• Stays for 4 hours by itself.

IMBB Rating- 4.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel?
Repurchase- I wish I had access to this.
Recommend – YES!

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