8 Everyday Hair Care Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

By Tanya Arora

How much do we love our tresses! We spend so much of our time, money and efforts in washing and nurturing our hair. But at times, despite all the efforts, our hair still fails to look as gorgeous as we want it to. So in order to achieve healthy and thick hair, make sure you stop making these 8 everyday mistakes.

1. Using the wrong comb
Many a times, we feel that that we are doing everything right, but still fail to get the desired results. Whether you win in a war or not depends on your weapon. It is important to use a comb that suits your hair type. For long hair, a paddle brush works the best; for curly and thick hair, a pin brush works well. Wide-toothed combs and regular combs work for all hair-types.

2. Detangling in hurry
Haven’t we all done this? While detangling, we apply pressure to our hair which may lead to breakage and also cause permanent damage to the hair cuticles. Also it is important that we start detangling from the tips proceeding our way to the roots. So it is a wise thing to detangle your hair when you have some time and patience. Till then you can tie your hair up in a cute messy bun or braid.

3. Excessive use of dry shampoos
Dry shampoos are our modern day saviours. Dry shampoos are good if used once in a while, but frequent usage of dry shampoos causes product build up on your scalp. While we assume that dry shampoos clean our hair, in actuality they just absorb all the moisture from the scalp. This results in drying up of the scalp. Dry shampoo also clogs the hair follicles which leads to hair fall and can even slow down hair growth.

4. Changing shampoos frequently
There’s a new shampoo in the market every week that claims to have the superpowers of transforming your hair. Girls, that hardly happens and even if it does, not every week. Frequently changing shampoos may cause serious harm to your hair. According to experts, frequent switching of shampoos may result into a skin condition called scalp dermatitis which may result into hair loss and irritation of the scalp. Yikes!

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5. Usage of alcohol based products
It is of utmost importance to check the ingredient list before buying any hair product. Alcohols can really baffle your mind. Alcohol can be of two types – either good or bad. Some alcohols damage your hair like propyl alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol, Propanol, SD alcohol,Alcohol denat as they cause frizzy and dry hair, while some alcohols condition your hair like cetyl alcohol.

6. Handling wet hair
Your hair is at its weakest when it are wet as the hair follicles are still open. Handling damp hair may cause excessive breakage resulting into hair loss. It is best to wait for the hair to get completely dry before styling or even combing them.

7. Tight hairstyles
Indians are so obsessed with long hair, and who doesn’t love long hair! Our Grandmas always taught us that braiding hair tightly would fasten hair growth, but sometimes Grandmas can be wrong too. Braiding hair tightly or tying them in a tight pony may or may not increase the length of your hair, but it will surely decrease their density.

8. Washing before detangling
While washing our hair, those fingers move from north, south, east and west to cleanse every nook and corner of our scalp. But having tangled hair while doing so may cause some serious breakage and you may end end up breaking your hair more than cleaning them. Thus, it is a crucial step to detangle your hair before washing them.

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